Despair Faction Bundles & Signups are BACK! (UPDATE: Sign-ups now closed!)


I’ll legitimately be upset if these forums take off and THEN they’d reopen the DF boards.

It’s be neat if these forums somehow became the “Official Fan Forums”.

Maybe this is the topic that gets discussed on @MyFireInsidePod podcast.


I don’t think they’ll open forums again. I don’t know what they have planned; it probably is a sales gimmick, though I have a bit more faith in them as artists. Then again, this could have been out of their control and totally up to the record company, and the reason I’m leaning towards that- particularly the relatively pricey package, is because when I looked at my orders part of my account, I noticed a charge from last August, which totally never happened in the AFI world. It turns out that charge that is listen on my account is actually my order from last August for the new Green Day album. The two accounts are apparently linked in some way, meaning they probably have the same provider, which means shitty march and shitty deals for the fans.

And now watch me eat my words and this all turns out to be an amazing opportunity.

Either way, I threw my money at them.


Not that it means anything, but I tweeted them all yesterday offering to host their forums (here).

It’s whatever, we’re growing.


It’s got that whole DIY feel here, anyway, though in a nice polished way.


I know you’re working your hardest to grow and promote this forum, so is there a reason AFI News HQ haven’t tweeted or promoted the forums? You would think it’s come across their radar.


Personally, I really hope AFI News HQ never gets involved. It all went to shit when Mary and the others took over. I’ve had issues with them in the past saying some really fucked up shit about LGTQIA folks, and when I called them on it, Mary said “oh, it was just a joke, there’s no need to be upset”, or something to that effect. Seriously??? You just used my identity as a slur and then laughed about it, and when I let you know it was offensive, you completely dismissed me? And then there was the issue with them making racist remarks at Pablo and some others, which was talked about quite a bit on reddit, and I’m just done with those fucking tools. Fuck them.


These are all some great posts I’m trying really hard to remember when the decline happened.I was fortunate to be around pre STS and got my merch bundle #2,and specifically remember the DF store had great deals on exclusive and markdown merch like 7.99 a shirt,20 for a quality hoody not the 40-75 dollar cash grab I see bands doing for hoodies.The board was super active on both sides it had a certain magic to it just like the band always had for me.I acually find these forums are really making me feel like the forums were,there’s people talking and searching out different merch for others that’s what the old board was people buying tickets or out of print vinyl that were in their area and shipping it to the person with no problems same with merch items on tour and even people selling their collectibles to other members.

STS-had studio videos,tons of signings at record shops and meet and greets,DU had the huge scavenger hunt that went on forna few months that led to 5 secret shows over the US everyo e worked together and researched and made calls and cracked the cyphers to finish the mystery it was awesome after that Blaqk Audio got going they had a type of DF thing where I got my tickets to the first Blaqk Audio show @ popscene it was a tiny show and awesome waiting outside meeting various board members putting faces to the names.

I kind of feel after Crash Love where the site had everyone send in a video talking about what the band means to them AFI watched the videos to select 5 or 6 people to sing backup gang vocals on 2 songs at Henson studios I believe in L.A. after that contest and crash love came out there were still small shows like the catalyst or the Phoenix Theater show from the infamous days of the Phoenix shoot so there was still some awesomeness going on but there was definitely a disconnect,afi series had taken over then I think that became afi news hq,alot of members simply disappeared and a more reliable source was jades blog shyboyswin.blogspot or hunters which was tranquilmammoth,they however arent as active as they were when they started the blogs.they were still at the shows but the meet ups and meet and greets were next to nil

If you happened to see them they would oblige and we’re still the awesome dudes they have always been,I knew smith just from growing up going to the shows so he would always chill or get me the set lists I’d wait for at every afi or Blaqk Audio show so that was cool.I still see Adam around SF with his wife at shows so that’s a cool reminder once in awhile.I always see Smith during the summer in downtown Sf he’s a character!

But I guess the opening of DF now is more of a(no do respect intended) merch sentimental play on what was/see who will buy as there’s no boards and the tour cycle for the blood album is over most likely as Jade mentioned he wants to start the next records(Afi/BA/)then two are married and davey has dreamcar and xtremist with jade so who really knows were looking at most likely 3 years soonest maybe 4,I hope I’m wrong and its 1.5/2years but I’ve been hoping for that since AOD.As it was said it seems more like a merch bundle,unless they do some DF exclusive shows which I don’t see likely but you never know.

What I take from all this was during BSITS and AOD they were very active building the band and it was paying off then they landed DreamWorks for STS a major label then platinum album,then a switch for DU which seen them enjoying success,I simply think they got caught up in life as we all do and then the began to enjoy the fruits of their labor they’ve been going with AFI full steam since they were out of highschool which is a very long time then throw in all the other projects like Blaqk audio,xtremist I think they achieved what they set out to do and still are there for us when we catch them but after all the van tours and being in cramped spaces they finally got to put their feet up as you say and enjoy their hardwork,I don’t see it as them being malicious or anything,I think it’s the merch company doing it if anything as most bands have contracts with companies that design out merch but you never know it could be they have plans for the DF I really wouldn’t think a board relaunching but more of shows and meet and greets,I really wish they had more than one live dvd too!Well I have to go back to work but that’s simply my 2 cents on it.

P.S. I’m so glad I randomly found this site it’s so awesome and so are all of you.Maybe tweet Jade,or Hu nter,even Davey and you’ll get a RT I’m sure.The community here is already awesome.Thank you guys and thank you STORMS!


Im sorry that happened to you and I totally agree with you about the decline when they got involved it was a power trip gone bad I guess


I’ve mentioned them before several times and even tweeted AFI exclusively here recently… I mean, I get it, they’re busy. But hopefully sometime soon we get some acknowledgement. I think being able to post links on Reddit has been the biggest help.

Also, I’ve read AFIHQ’s staff bios… I’ve been a fan longer than any of them. I’ve been a fan since '00. I think the earliest for them was maybe '02. Plus, I know several of you on here outdo me. :slight_smile:

The only other thing I’ll mention and this still puzzles me… Josh (@GiveMeInk) blocked our twitter. I mentioned this to @_tonibell before… I just thought it was weird. It’s probably a mistake.

EDIT: I tweeted Adam just now asking for a little help.

It’s sick how much you remember and how much you were involved in. With you saying all of this, I’m even happier that you’re here now. :slight_smile:

I do have a suggestion though, please space out your paragraphs. Very few people will read a wall of text like that. I know from board experience. :wink:


That’s kinda crazy. It’s funny how every month or so they tweet out some random b.s. about accepting everyone and everyone can be a part of the fan community but pull shit like this. After this and hearing @Vanished story, they have a lot of apologizing to do to the fanbase.


I wish I was lying, but it doesn’t get much more transparent than this…



I still don’t understand this. I really don’t. But, whatever. I feel like people get too precious about stuff like bands, acting like it’s theirs and theirs alone.


Well, let’s try to get back on topic at least… it’s no one’s fault but we’re dipping too much into negative stuff.

Let’s get back to DF. :slight_smile:

@_tonibell @dnlkdwll

EDIT: YAY! @dnlkdwll look what I just scored! (I missed the Burials package)


So jealous you got that. I am currently blasting the All Hallows EP with the windows open and tossing candy down to kids in the Halloween parade. I figured I would educate them while throwing candy.


LOL! This gives a perfect visual of what you’re actually doing.

I’m listening to All Hallows as well. I remember back in the day on Halloween I’d be blaring All Hallows in my '96 Honda Civic EX. Going to the malls, trying to infect more people with the AFI.


Oh, man, I used to have soccer games on Halloween. Every year without fail. It killed. So I blasted AFI on the way to the game, hijacked the stereo for warm up and played AFI, and then played it all the way home at which point my friends and I just hung out on the lawn in costume, blared AFI, the Misfits, Tiger Army, Siouxsie Sioux, etc and handed candy out.

Good times.

Anyway, back to the DF stuff. I used to have stuff. Tis all gone now. I can’t even remember the email I used to use. Haha. It was one of like four options. I do remember getting the DF shirt from the Summer Shudder tour and laughing because the design was so close to the regular Summer Shudder tour shirt they were selling. I think someone said those DF shirts actually went out in the mystery purchases on the site this past summer.


Yes, they did… that might have been me. I ordered a grab bag or I believe my wife ordered me one and yeah, I got an AFI DF Summer Shudder tour shirt. I was happy, but at the same time, a little puzzled.


Okay, I wasn’t dreaming that up. Oh well. I think it’s hysterical. It looks just like the regular tour shirt, which I have, the only difference being the words “Despair Faction.”


I was a click away from getting the blood album package but the t-shirt is almost the exact same as one I already have but with Despair Faction instead of AFI, I wouldn’t put the flag up, and I don’t wear hats. I really just want the card but it’s not worth the money, so I just signed up with my email and was really disappointed with the website they sent… Not really sure what to say but hey I guess the point of DF was to form a community and this site has that, so I guess it’s not a big issue.


Again, IMO the package would be 10x better if the flag and the hat had the same design as the shirt.