Despair Faction Bundles & Signups are BACK! (UPDATE: Sign-ups now closed!)


I truly think this was lazy design on their part, but I still bought it, so…


Again… if it all had the same design at least… it’d be that much better.

The only different with the hat from the one on the regular store site is the DF package one is white, while the regular store one is red.

It should all have the same design though.

BTW I started messing with the “Groups” option on here and made one for “DespairFaction”. It really means nothing at this point, only because there’s really no need for separate, private discussion. However, down the road it could become useful… well, if we would grow big enough to need to verify DF members in the group. Otherwise, it’s just me messing around.

It’s a neat option to have though.

Congrats on getting he bundle though. I know we have our gripes with it, but at the end of the day, WE ARE THE DF. :wink:


Thanks! I decided to get it just because I don’t have any DF stuff anymore except for two tour shirts. LOL. But, again, lazy design work. Oh well. And that groups idea is cool. It’s a nice option to have.


Just saw AFI tweet about the DF signup they’ve been doing lately and had a thought. I’m pretty indifferent to most of the DF merch and the original package is the only one I ever got, but I do think it’s potentially kind of cool that the barrier to entry now is that you have to be paying attention during the “off season”.

Like there may not be any DF presales, etc. for shows for a year or two or whatever into the future, but the key to getting access to those is that you have to put a little bit of energy into your AFI fandom now, when it’s of no immediate real benefit. Almost like the first touring cycle you’re around for is your initiation or something, and then you just have to stick around after it.

Maybe I’m giving the band too much credit for an idea like this, but I dig it way more than just charging people to join a fanclub.


I hope that’s the case too.


I’ve signed up. Do you get an email saying you are in the DF?


I just got an order confirmation email.


This would make sense. Hopefully, this is the case. However, we all need to make sure we’re reading our “All Mail” folder in our mail since (for me) these emails don’t go to my primary email folder.

Welcome! Yes, you should be a confirmation email from


Hm… I didn’t get any kind of confirmation email after updating my info into the new form. Do you still get it if you didn’t buy anything?

I mean, none of my info has changed and I’ve been lucky to always get the emails in the past, but I figured I’d resubmit it anyway. Wonder if that matters…


You’re probably fine if your info hasn’t changed. My info has but I got mine updated before they reopened the DF.


@LordOfTheLeftHand @markrepamberj I just signed up to the mailing list and the other day I got an email adressed to Despair Faction stating that the sign up and bundle were coming to a close. So I take that as meaning I am now a DF member, even if I feel a fraud because I didn’t buy anything :stuck_out_tongue:


In ONE WEEK, the latest package is released! :slight_smile: