Despair Faction discount this weekend - Check your email for this limited time offer!

UPDATE: Check your email for a special Despair Faction offer! It’s only good through Sunday, the 19th!

[spoiler]From an article I found on AFINewsHQ’s site from last year, it’s possible we’ll get a (DF) email this Thanksgiving for a discount in the AFI store. I mean, it might not happen but considering these emails don’t go to my primary inbox, it’s something to watch out for in case they do it again.

Thanksgiving is in less than 2 weeks, so be on the lookout just in case this happens again. :slight_smile:[/spoiler]


I called it!

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I guess it’s time to celebrate Black Friday early :money_mouth_face:

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Yep! I’ve gathered about $70 worth of merch… I’m pretty much doing one final sweep with this one. :smiley:

I MIGHT get an extra Blood hoodie (the one with blood drops on the back.

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I’m getting the clouds tshirt, the baseball tee and the pins :weary:


I’m going to make my order soon.

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EDIT: Wow, I just saved $19 PLUS free shipping. :smiley:

Got buttons, pin set, rose hoodie and grey drops shirt. I already have everything else I want from a few months ago. :slight_smile:

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I legitimately have all of that march, so thankfully I won’t be spending money on AFI this week (though, let’s not talk about how much I just spent at the last HIM show. :sob: )

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The only things I didn’t buy and don’t have are items like the mug, fingerless gloves, tank tops, etc.

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Ummm…I bought all that stuff, so…let’s just say I’m repping AFI and keeping warm. LOL. Plus I use the tanks for my workouts.

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Who else went on a shopping spree? :slight_smile: