DF enrollment is open till the 23rd! CHECK THIS JACKET!



That’s one ugly jacket and an easy pass


lol I actually really like it. I ordered a Medium and then later that day, I was like “shit, I probably need a small”, so I ordered a small too. Credit cards FTW!

I was going to try get get the medium cancelled, but considering what has happened to @Cher_I_Despair before with orders getting screwed up, I just kept it.

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Just in time for summer. A nice jacket!

I do wonder how well these are moving.

Well, yesterday all sizes were available. This morning the 3X was OOS and now the smalls are also out. I’m glad I ordered the small!

I have a similar style jacket in a medium (Ghostbusters from Spirit Halloween) and it’s a medium… I tried it on… sure enough, it’s kinda big, so that’s why I took the plunge on the small.

Awesome you got 2 more chances for that golden ticket huh? I’d cross my fingers I was one of the 10 who gets one Adam had gave me more info on it saying they were discussion making it a show pass for the bodies tour cycle so if that was the case it would make my touring waaaay cheaper​:joy::joy:

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BTW have any AFI contacts that you should share these forums with? :slight_smile:

I know I’m probably out of luck here, but if someone is going to have an extra DF exclusive vinyl version of Bodies… I will gladly pay you for it.

I do wish they would be DF exclusive actually ON THE RECORD…

Another size soldout:

Not my choice of jacket…so I guess I’m moving on…I will other Bodies merch…just not that one :grin:

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SOLDOUT Completely now… I’ll have 2 of them! One small and one medium… SUPER happy I grabbed a small while they were still in stock.


I like that jacket. Do you think girls would look good wearing one?

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No question… this may look even better on a female.

Got my jackets yesterday. I’m glad I didn’t cancel the medium, because that’s the one that fits better. The small fits until I bend my elbows, then it’s tight, so the SMALL is likely going to be sold.

Im desperately sad I missed this enrollment. Ive since bookmarked the AFI news page so I can get in again, because apparently my old despair faction membership doesnt count anymore? :sob:

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I love the jacket! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It was a little pricey, but worth it, it’s so lovely. I got the medium, but it’s a little big - I’m swimming in it! Should have got the small, but I’m always worried I’ll up with something pinchy… Oh well, I love it anyway! And my mystery gift was the AOD mask! Yay! And it arrived just in time, too. My city’s had a bad few months. Having my favourite album on my mask helps immensely! :metal: :mask: :metal:

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That’s actually a kinda cool lookin bomber jacket. I’d rock it 150 just isn’t in the budget.