DF Meet Up Dollywood 2023

Hello Loves!

Back in 2007(?) I did one of these, I went by Humma on the classic DF boards, and I can’t recall how many of our lovely DF family were there, I feel like it was only maybe 12 of us?

Jacob and I were discussing how it hadn’t happened in a while.


I am happy to throw another one Oct 2023, perhaps Saturday, the week before Halloween? Mondays are usually less crowded and that’s fine too. I want a general consensus on which day of the week we should do it so the most people who want to CAN come.

Tickets are $64+ tax at the gate.
When doing group rate ONE PERSON must pay for EVERYONE IN THE PARTY.

So, if you’re coming, bring CASH TO THE GATE so you can hand it to me (or someone else if the group prefers to appoint a 3rd party. Last time I tried it that way the 3rd party took off with money…so I am gun shy about it, but want everyone happy and comfortable with how the day will go), with witnesses at the ticket booth, that way no one has to worry about where any funds have gone.

The minimum number for group rate is 15 people, last I checked. We got around it last time by grabbing 3 strangers and saying they were in our group. Nice family, and bonus, they got a discount, got in our group photo, learned who AFI was and had a great laugh. :joy_cat:

I started a Facebook page for the meet up too so we can update and discuss there, but here is fine too.

Hopefully we can get enough people to work something out with a local resort to get the night before and night of the event for discounts per room or as a group? Again, I ASSUME money would work the same way, bring cash and one person pays at the desk? I won’t know on that until I know more securely who will be attending and what days.

The hotel rooms may be separate so each guest insures their own room won’t get Axl Rosed over the course of the trip. :joy_cat:

Let’s see who might want to come.

Blessed Be everyone.


This is a great idea! I live in the UK so i don’t think I’d be able to make it unfortunately, but will post if that changes

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Honestly I’m surprised. I guess Covid has made people more introverted. I’ve only had a few people so far, maybe 8 say they’ll go.

Older DFers know me, or at least of me.

They know I’ll do this. Lol

Sorry if this is a silly question but does this mean anybody on this forum or only card carrying despair faction members? If it’s a super official thing that’s totally understandable but if it’s open, I would absolutely make a trip.


I feel like no one in the DF will mind if anyone coming has a DF card or not.

As far as I am concerned, it’s open to anyone who is a fan. DF in the title just makes everyone easier to find.

You and whoever you want to bring are more than welcome!

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I’m not saying much about this right now, because there’s not a lot to do but for those of us going to nudge nudge wink wink and get our friends to come with us.

Hopefully we get to hang out as group larger than eight. :joy_cat:

Hey everyone, I threw this comment up to remind you all that this is still a thing. Please tell your AFI/Blaqk Audio fan friends and family to come with us! Tickets are cheaper when there’s more than 12-16 people, so let’s rally the troops and go hang out!

Dollywood is AWESOME the month of Halloween. Pumpkins Galore!!!

Love and light guys!

Questions or whatever you need, you can email me Laura;


and put DF Meet up in the title line.