DFC shirts have been ordered for the band! (aiming to give during #MourninginAmerika tour!)


The shirts I ordered are exactly like this…

I just ordered 4 Small DespairFaction.Club shirts for the band. I’m planning to give AFI the shirts on either the 8/4 or 8/5. This would not be a thing without the encouragement of all of you, especially @Ksf145 , @Blag , @_tonibell , @sayasha and everyone else who has made these forums what they are.

I may be dreaming big, but my goal is to make these forums “official”.

Also @Ksf145 , @Blag and anyone else willing to contribute towards the cost of these shirts would be greatly appreciated. I posted the invoice above so that you know it’s honest and true.

My paypal: smrotsmk@gmail.com



That’s amazing! If I had any extra money I would throw in, but it’s tight right now. Keep us updated on how giving them to the band goes!


Awesome dude,I can see this going official what’s the harm in that,it’s a win win for the band.I’ll order a tee for one of the guys tomorrow.Thanks @STORMS
Edit:I’ll send you the cost of a tee,pm me if you have a venmo


Awesome! This is going to be just surreal :smiley: I’m sending you the money for one t-shirt :slight_smile: And for sure this is going to help us becoming more “Official” for sure! :smiley:


Will see where I’m at after I get paid and chuck something across if I can


This is so cool - wish I was in a position to help out right now, sorry :frowning: What a fantastic idea :heart:


I just approved the final designs today! That means they’re being made! :slight_smile:


Awesome! Can’t wait to get my own t-shirt! :smiley: And have the band have their too :smiley: