DFC shirts have been ordered for the band! (aiming to give during #MourninginAmerika tour!)

The shirts I ordered are exactly like this…

I just ordered 4 Small DespairFaction.Club shirts for the band. I’m planning to give AFI the shirts on either the 8/4 or 8/5. This would not be a thing without the encouragement of all of you, especially @Ksf145 , @Blag , @_tonibell , @sayasha and everyone else who has made these forums what they are.

I may be dreaming big, but my goal is to make these forums “official”.

Also @Ksf145 , @Blag and anyone else willing to contribute towards the cost of these shirts would be greatly appreciated. I posted the invoice above so that you know it’s honest and true.

My paypal: smrotsmk@gmail.com



That’s amazing! If I had any extra money I would throw in, but it’s tight right now. Keep us updated on how giving them to the band goes!

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Awesome dude,I can see this going official what’s the harm in that,it’s a win win for the band.I’ll order a tee for one of the guys tomorrow.Thanks @STORMS
Edit:I’ll send you the cost of a tee,pm me if you have a venmo

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Awesome! This is going to be just surreal :smiley: I’m sending you the money for one t-shirt :slight_smile: And for sure this is going to help us becoming more “Official” for sure! :smiley:

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Will see where I’m at after I get paid and chuck something across if I can

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This is so cool - wish I was in a position to help out right now, sorry :frowning: What a fantastic idea :heart:

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I just approved the final designs today! That means they’re being made! :slight_smile:


Awesome! Can’t wait to get my own t-shirt! :smiley: And have the band have their too :smiley: