Did anyone else catch the despair faction anniversary re-release?

I got covid and have been out for 3 weeks, and I just checked my email and saw its come and gone and am pretty devastated. I lost my DF member card in a move forever ago and have been trolling ebay for years in the vain hope that I could find a replacement. Now they had the exact card available to replace and I missed it :sob: Maybe theyll be on sale on this tour? Im seeing them in Ventura, Its my only hope :pleading_face: :pray:


I would have responded when i had liked the post but time wouldnt allow. I was able to grab a bundle, ive been waiting for it for a long time like since sing the sorrow. I saw a despair faction card in ebay about a year ago, i almost got it but wanted my first time to be legit. I hope you find a replacement card, and more imoprtantly that you made a good recovery from covid

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I hope you find one! Maybe check around on eBay for a while. I just got mine in the mail today so Iā€™m sure someone will list a few!

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