Did this ever happen?


Lol no not really, it was more like, someone would post in a topic and it would be a week or two before someone else would post in the same topic. People were posting, but about random stuff usually, so there was not much actual dialogue or conversation about anything. Someone would reply to a thread from like six months earlier just to say “wow, awesome” or something like that. :joy:


Gotcha… well, good! LOL

Hopefully come June we’re even more active… we shall see. :wink:

June will make 1 year for these forums.


That’s not true. The forums were still alive during that time. Maybe not as alive as they were in the past, but that little counter thing on the home page always showed more than a couple hundred users (not guests) in the last 24 hours. They didn’t truly die until they moved the forums.


Is this where you meant they would terrible to navigate? Was it still the DF website?


Yep I remember this. The forums were still about with Burials’ release I’m sure, but they were almost dead. They’d been a ghost town since about 2011.



Do you know if they were merged? Meaning, did they start the forums over when they moved or were they still the same size, just not active?


I think old content was gone, but can’t be sure. I only visited about twice, then they were gone.


Damn… with that being said, the data is probably lost. Even Gavin told me, “the forums will not return as they were”. :frowning:


The forums were pretty dead in early 2013, before Burials was announced. Once Burials was announced, however, a lot of people came back and there was a lot of excitement around the videos and images that were released. Like I said before, a lot of us were on there at that time, shortly before the forums went down for good. But in late 2012 - early 2013, very few people were posting.


So, I found an old message on the site that looks like AFINewsHQ “used to operate” off of?

Here’s the message from Gavin about the forums.

Despair Faction Chapter Forums To Change

Gavin, the Despair Faction administrator, posted earlier today on the message board saying:
We will soon be upgrading the software that powers the Despair Faction site. Lots of cool stuff ahead.

As part of this, we’ll be moving from the current Chapter forum style to a more direct style where the Chapter pages nave threads directly on them. We want to preserve the thousands of exisiting Chapter posts, so we have moved those to the 10th Circle and have closed the existing Chapter forums.

Until the new system comes in, you can find all your old Chapter threads in the 10th Circle, still open and accepting posts (from anyone now). Your Chapter pages also still welcome your posts: http://www.despairfaction.com/group.php_
Please remember that if you are not a Despair Faction member, you will not be able to access these threads.