DIY AFI Shares - things you made inspired by AFI


I go to my jacket for $10 when the store near where I work was going out of business. I just held onto it until I knew what to do with it. Otherwise I was so not doing anything to one of my other ones.


A friend of mine made this for me since he knows that I am obsessed…


That is awesome!!! It makes me want to pop in Son of Sam! :slight_smile:

I’m jealous… that’s very simple yet done so well. Very cool!


hey…so uh…sorry about the late reply.
i spilled tea all over my keyboard a few days ago and havent been able to use it until now…i cant use backspace, apostrophe, shift key or enter
lucky im just now able to typel.l.l.l.oh wsait nows itws mal.functioning again brb maybe :cry:


Hey! The image isn’t coming up. :frowning:


I’m desperately trying to figure out how to format because bbcode and my small knowledge of html isn’t working.


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lmao I was freaking for a second trying to figure out if this forum recognized bbcode or not.

The shirt painting is whatever, I need to fix it. What I’m really proud of is the hand embroidered patch. It took me literal days. Like over 48 hours of cumulative work. Love it. First thing I ever embroidered!!

Anyways it’s based off the lyric from my favorite song (can you guess?) “I offer everything, 'til my heart is crystal clear.” The goal was a red crystal heart with the red draining out. I looked up a lot of crystal heart reference photos, but the clear to red transition was mostly guessing.

Got the guys to sign it! Well, still need Jade’s sig, but I’m going to embroider their signatures as well. At that point I will probably cut the sigs out as patches, and put them on a screen printed shirt.


SO AMAZING! Beautiful work!


That is fucking cool. Your embroidered heart design is perfect. Like seriously, it looks like it should be an official design - well done!


Just made this in honor of my favorite song!


Like I said on Insta, this is BEAUTIFUL!


My favorite DREAMCAR concert photos that I got printed, and the frame job I did to display my 8x10 pictures and some stickers. Not the greatest frame job since I did it myself, but the price was right (frame was new for $5 at a charity thrift store).


Your DREAMCAR items are spectacular. Your frame job is great too. And yes, I am jealous of the autographs. How did you get them anyway? Did they sign stuff after the show?


I waited after the D.C. DREAMCAR show hoping they would meet fans. I met Superet and got a picture with them! But DREAMCAR did not meet fans that night.
So I bought the signed photograph on eBay.


I have to admit, I highly enjoyed Superet. Especially the Lead Singer put on quite a show.


Found a frame for this Alan Forbes poster and tagged him on my Instagram–he liked my post! :rabbit2:


Holy shit, I used to have this poster… I totally forgot about it till now! :sob: lol…

Mine would be ripped a bit if I did find it. Unfortunately, a lot of my posters that I stored got moldy, so they’re basically trash. However, I may just cut them up, meaning, cut off the bad parts and salvage what I can… :frowning:


Here’s another thing I had custom framed. This is honestly massive.


Massively awesome. :wink:


It’s a little premature of me to share this but I can’t help myself…

The plan is to make it into a necklace, but I imagine it will be pretty delicate around the wing tips.