Do they still let DF fan club in early?

I remember 10 or 15 years ago we would have to verify our DF account to the crew and a separate line would form for early entry- do they still do that? First show in 10 years in November and wondered if this is still a thing


I do not believe so. I honestly think the only real benefit to being DF at a show is a $5 discount on merch, if they even still do that.

The way they have it now though, literally anyone can be DF if they enter their email… so I hate to say it, but in recent years, its felt kinda gimmicky to me… and I’ve been DF since the beginning.


That’s sad. I wonder what happened? :pensive:

I got an interesting email today.

We want to let you know that moving forward AFI will provide email subscribers first access to new merch, relevant news, and tour updates under a new privacy policy. This policy tells you how we look after and use any information you have already provided to us and may provide to us in the future.

When they were touring with Circa Survive I learned that Circa Survive fanclub members got let in before the AFI fans.

I wonder what was different in the old privacy policy