Do you remember?

I have been taking a bit of a trip down memory lane and it brought me back to the DF. I have been wondering if anyone is still around. I can’t believe how much time has passed. I was mostly active on AFI forums between 2002 and 2007 and made a few friends. I don’t remember my username or how to access my account e-mail, but I went by Stella and I was mostly active on AFI Series. How are you?

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:raising_hand_man:t2: I was active on the DF boards from about 2003/4 onwards. Same username.

Oh my God. Sarah? I totally remember you. We usted to talk all the time. If I recall correctly, you are Canadian and wanted to study something related to psychology?

I remember you, yes!

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Yes, I live in Canada still. Life changed quite a bit, as I imagine it did for everyone else. I left my school program because of an eating disorder. Was working in non-profit, went through a separation, sold my house, did a lot of travelling, blah blah. I’m now 32 and work for police and moved my boyfriend into my home this year because of the pandemic. Pablo are you still living in Mexico? I vaguely remember you had started university but this was years ago.

Yeah, I was banned from AFI Series when I had just started university, haha. Wow, that was 13 years ago. I even now have a master on corporate law. I still live in Mexico, in my home town, where I practice civil, family and commerce law. I’m 31 years old now. We weren’t even 20 years old when we talked all the time. I even remember yuour AIM email had the color blue in it. I’m sorry to hear you had to leave school, but hope everything’s going well now. I always wondered what happened with the AFI Series people after its sudden disappearance. Did you keep listening to afi between 2007 and now?

Actually was it something like babyblue 1487?

Oh wow you have a good memory. Do you have a dossier on me or something? Lol. Congrats on finishing your degree. I remember you being a smart kid and I’m glad you followed through with it. Umm no I don’t really follow any bands anymore too closely. I just don’t have time for it and things have been a bit too chaotic the past couple of years. I still have a few people from Series on Facebook but we don’t talk anymore. Sometimes I think about reaching out to ixnay but I don’t even know if he has the same e-mail address.

I have been a fan since 2002 as well. I was flamed for being an “idiot” on the old board but am not going to go psycho this time :wink:

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