Dork reissue *Cyber Monday Exclusive*


NOTE: AFI does NOT support the sales of this reissue.

Atom Age Industries have a limited edition Red Vinyl version of AFI’s first release, “Dork”. This is a reissue between Key Lime Pie records and Atom Age Industries. For the hardcore collectors, you may be interested… however, you may not.

Regardless, here’s a link (they are $20) and probably won’t be available much longer.

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Thanks Storms, I would have missed this.


I wasn’t going to get one, but I ended up buying ONE… I honestly didn’t realize that this sale practically just went live. For whatever reason I thought it was Monday night already and it felt like this deal was about over.

If they are very limited… I couldn’t help myself.

Hey, thanks for the notice. Probably not gonna get one, but it’s appreciated.

They really are going to milk this every chance they can get


Thank you Storms. I have only been awake for 5 minuets and bought a few more AFI records…good grief lol.


It’s getting ridiculous. Wouldn’t be surprised if they released a Christmas edition or something.


I was actually thinking that was the next variant. I bet they have a few more variants waiting to roll out. Interesting that they’re not posting pressing numbers and just using vague terminology like “limited.”

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I’ve seen 500 for the blue/cyan variant but they wouldn’t give me a straight answer as to where they got that number.

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To be fair, Nitro did the same thing and I’m sure it’ll happen again in the future. However, I believe Nitro only ever charged $10 each…

I only bought one because it felt like I was first in line… didn’t realize the sale just went live.

True… I would like to know how limited this version actually is.

Sorry… lol. I know the feeling. I was not originally going to get one then I ended up buying one. I may have to make a vow to myself… “no more AFI merch, etc until their next album”… lol.

If I recall, they wanted to do a red repress of Dork in 94 or something like that. Just took a long enough time.

I don’t get why people are mad about new releases. I am excited to add another music related release in my collection.


I wouldn’t necessarily say people are mad about these releases. I would say I’m frustrated with how AAI handles these releases. I also feel a little guilty and strange buying these knowing the band doesn’t want them to be released.


What part abou AAI is wrong? Other than the in stores being only accessible that way, it seems to be in line with any other releases I’ve purchased in the past.

The in store only releases that do nothing but enable flipping and the way they slyly raised the price of the exclusive today. $15 is already overpriced for a new 7" record and they only marked up this one because they knew we’d still buy it. I find business practices like these frustrating.

I mean, I’m still going to buy but doesn’t mean I don’t think they’re being douches about this.


AAI is taking advantage of the vinyl collecting AFI fanbase by charging $20 for a 7" record. They know we’ll buy it because it’s “limited edition” (even if we don’t have any solid pressing numbers), because it’s either buy it know or buy it from someone flipping it. Either way the records sell and they make their money.

It’s frustrating because I want to collect the variants, but no matter what, I’m shelling out $25 shipped for a new fucking 7" with 10 minutes of music on it.

Edit: Not to mention, they aren’t limiting the amount of the in-store variant to each customer, which means people can go in and buy as many as they want to “trade” or sell on the internet.


Hey so at check out make sure u enter blackfriday2017 code gives u a discount

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Only 3 left!! I was told just now


Out of how many though?

Any info when the others will be available?

Oh man, what’s the scoop with that box set? Are we getting Flux Capacitor and Stupidest and No Reason and Ronnie II and lost 7" versions of stuff that ended up on VPoY and who knows what else Geoff has in the vault?

[This is 100% unsubstantiated wishful thinking from me, but Geoff was posting pictures of that stuff in a sound editing program a while back…]

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