Dork reissue *Cyber Monday Exclusive*


Nope, nothing yet. (way more excited for DF package to arrive anyway)


Wow I just read how you did your blood tour cycle,I really want to do the same for a future tour would you mind messaging me or maybe make a thread with a tour preperation itinerary if you don’t mind like ballpark figures of cost and lodging things like that.I think it would be awesome if you did a thread on your multiple show experience.


Well as far as lodging we hardcore DF’ers arrive at the venue the night before bring sleeping equipment and sleep in front of the venue as a group no one bugs us cause there is so many of us we all bring snacks to share and when it comes to showering and stuff there’s always DF friends who would let you take a shower if they got a room and if not then there’s an alternative I take I have a gym membership at planet fitness and will use the shower there when I’m taking long trips. My cars amazing on gas So I rarely pay anything in gas. Best thing to do is camp out and make friends with other Hardcore fans most of us are very welcoming to add you to our mr family. It’s all about the memories we make together during the wait. Also if anyone ever needed they could always carpool to show to show I’ve taken several people to shows with me and they gave me gas money in return. It’s lack of sleep but that goes away the moment the boys takes the stage and you just get a adrenaline rush that keeps you going.


Thank you for the reply!I will participate next tour cycle,I totally know what you mean about the wait I’ve done 12-15 hour waits and its awesome how we all connect for that brief moment in time then it’s crazy to see the same faces as cycles go on.Those of us who get to the barricade put in long waits!


Has anyone gotten tracking yet?


I have not received any tracking yet.


Got my in-store exclusive variant from @afi_vinyl today. #96/100. Thanks!

Edit: Forgot to add, this is the worst artwork I’ve ever seen.


Nothing yet for me. Maybe Monday.


Got mine all the way over in the Atlantic today. Thanks @afi_vinyl :fist_right::boom::fist_left:


Yep, nothing here yet but probably Monday. :slight_smile:


What number did you get?


Surprised I got it before some of you in the US. Mine is #95/100.


Yeh the art is pretty awful - embarrassing! I’d have just kept it as per the pre-order version. Speaking of which, here’s a picture of my free gift:

Bet all the people who ordered late are jealous.


I’ve always wanted to have 5 fingers on my hand


Thank you @afi_vinyl ! Got it this morning.


Thank you @afi_vinyl !!! Appreciate it.


Received a shipping email from AA for the cyber Monday Dork pressing.


Oops wrong thread. I also got my shipping notice. Hopefully it turns up next week.


Awesome! Here I thought you already had everything :slight_smile: Did it have a standard STS booklet?


I think you’re in the wrong thread