DREAMCAR interview w/ KROQ (lots of info! More tour dates?)


This interview actually came out yesterday and DREAMCAR is actually performing tonight at the Observatory in Santa Ana, CA to a sold out crowd! In this interview, you hear from each individual band member, there is some uttering of more tour dates other than the 3 that are currently known. It’s a very entertaining listen!


I saw this. If I wasn’t elbows deep in Cotton Mather’s diaries, I would have posted this. As it is, I’m running on 1.5 hours of sleep, ten black coffees, and half a packet of gluten free crackers, so anything I write up won’t be helpful.


No worries. Their first show back is tomorrow night anyway.

I like how Davey says if he knows he won’t have time for a song, meaning to listen to it for the first time and create lyrics, he just doesn’t listen to it till he does have time. Makes sense… just don’t think I’ve ever heard him say that before.


Yeah, it was great to hear more about the process. :slight_smile: I did a quick listen while reading about Mather’s interpretations of the Salem Witch Trials (a very interesting dichotomy, I must say), so I have to do a more thorough listen tomorrow.