"Dumb Kids" AFI Cover by Stallon Silver

This cover is very good IMO. Check it out!

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Wow! That was indeed amazing! Great job you guys! :smiley: Glad to see @acondax playing with people instead of being all by himself :stuck_out_tongue: Pretty cool cover! :smiley:

Thanks Alvaro! Really kind of you to say that. We’ll be making more covers over the next little while. But I won’t stop uploading solo videos!

Also, thanks @STORMS for sharing the video!


But I won’t stop uploading solo videos!

And you shouldn’t! You are very talented :slight_smile:

@acondax wow I didn’t even realize this was you! I love this cover.

Are you guys doing more? :slight_smile:

It’s all good, I didn’t even think you had any idea who I was :wink:

But hell yeah we’ve got a couple more in the works. We’ve been working quietly on about 3 or 4 the community might like. Stay tuned!