East Coast Meetup


I’ll commit now and help with whatever is needed. Just let me know. I’d rather do it in spring so we won’t have to be worried about snow or cold. Even though you can tell by my snowy covered beard I indeed love winter…it’s my Norwegian blood.


HaHa, the spring is probably more doable, anyway. And, despite having gone to Binghamton, the cold and I don’t get along.

And thanks! I’ll def let you know what I’ll need help with.


I have one from Tennessee who likes NYC
I have Binghamton
@Alina and I are from the NYC area
@storms was I right when I said PA?



I am in the Long Beach Island. area.


Yes, let’s do spring. The cold and I do not get along :sweat_smile: and @_tonibell we should def road trip together for this


Well this quickly exploded. Sounds like it’d be fun. I think. Stroudsburg’s a couple hours from where I live so I wouldn’t be particularly keen on spending more time driving than the actual event itself. How many days would you plan to do this for? Like, have it as an overnight thing?


I agree, I think that is the direction this should go. 1/2 day, overnight, 1/2 then bounce.


I haven’t join in this topic just because I live in San Jose, California…so not at all East Coast :slight_smile: Also…I’m the moving process to Toronto, Canada…so I’m trying not to travel so much this days…

That said…hope you guys have a lot fun and please post a lot of pictures :slight_smile: Next time I will make everything to join the gathering :wink:


I think it depends on just how many people are committing, the financial situation of the people commmitting, and actual locale. I just threw Stroudsburg out there because it was the middle point for some people.

Where approximately are you coming from?


I’d be coming from the New York/Connecticut border. I plugged my town in already and it already fit with the Stroudsburg midpoint.


Yeah. I’m from Westchester, so I know where you are. There’s also someone from Long Beach Island here, so Stroudsburg may no longer be midpoint. We’ll give it another day or so to get a roll call, and then I’ll start pulling ideas together.


cool im from NYC, and actually just left there 2 days ago for winter break, it’d be cool for me to go, but then again, I’m 13 and can’t drive AND I’m in school, but I think that’s really a great idea😁


Awwww, haha, I get that. I first got into AFI in 2001 when I was 11, so I totally understand the pain.


@_tonibell yep, York, PA to be exact.

I’m down for a Spring time meetup.

I think the boys would be proud of this thread. Good shit @Snobgrass @_tonibell


The credit goes to @snobgrass for the idea. I just rolled with it.

Btw. What do we all think of Bushkill Falls? There’s a couple of nice hotels nearby, there’s stuff to do there, and it’s a gorgeous view.

I just thought of it earlier. It might be more casual/less awkward than a restaurant. People could actually move around and chit chat. I’m looking into other stuff, too, and will probs have a bunch of options/pricing for each option up by the end of the weekend.


I’m down for whatever will make be the best for everyone. It sounds great though.


A PA meetup would be great! Weekends work best for me! @STORMS I’m close to York as well!
Alternatively we could meet at an East Coast Blaqk Audio show…


That alternative sounds great too!! They just need to announce the release date for this album already. Maybe it’ll be around the same time as the official release of Davey’s new book.


As cool as a show meet up would be, that would also be quite chaotic and more prone to disaster. Also, it could be cost prohibitive to people who were not planning on staying overnight, etc.

But we could do both!


Since everyone likes PA, would Philly be a better idea?


I myself wold rather not have the stress of a large city, the outskirts would be fine.