EBHC & All Hallows’ shirts

In case you didn’t see these on Facebook…

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AFI is a retail store nowadays.

If anyone bought a spare extra all hallows shirt in a Large. Pls lmk. I missed out on these💔

I love that they are doing stuff like this, however they need to stop the ‘limited run’ crap. There’s no reason these need to be limited. The demand is there, just let people buy it ffs.
Also wish they’d work out some way to make these available in an online store outside the US. Yes, they ship overseas but it’s far too expensive to make it worthwhile.


I missed out, but it’s whatever… it gets really hard to keep up sometimes.

I first saw these All Hallow’s shirts this morning and they’re all sold-out now.

I got my DF package thermos yesterday BTW. They’re still shipping items separately.


It kinda sux when they keep putting up new stuff :frowning: While I wanted the cat one…I already purchaed the DF package…so…no more expenses for me…

What do you think of the thermos? Is it good???

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It’s nice - no doubt, but it’s really meant for hiking or something. I honestly probably won’t use mine. If it was a thermos w/ an easy-open on top I’d use it for coffee.

I feel you on the AFI merch… it is what it is. I’ll miss out, but I really don’t care.

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I’m actually hoping mine will encourage me to start going to the gym :sweat_smile:


This is most definitely a goth workout bundle and I love it


Ps has anyone gotten their df shirt yet?

Not even a shipping notification for it yet!

Nope. Got my bag today and have another shipment coming tomorrow, I’m guessing the thermos.

Ok I no longer regret my impulse purchase of this shirt