Favorite afi music video

I was recently watching a ton of afi music videos and just remembered when I saw beautiful thieves on mtv and was suprised because up til then I hadn’t heard anything from afi since DU which had been a while. Beautiful thieves is probably my favorite afi music video because of that. Also this is my first time posting even though I’ve joined months ago thnx to scott


Well…mine is and always will be “Girls Not Grey” :slight_smile: The first AFI song I ever heard…and the song that bring me back to AFI after many many years…that song made me an AFI fan for good :cry:


I’ve always enjoyed The Leaving Song pt. II
But all the videos are great, they take me back to certain times of my life. Great thread topic.


I really love Silver & Cold.

I also love Medicate. I can’t pick just one!

And that said, really, I love them all…except maybe Miss Murder. I like the song, I’m just not a fan of the music video.


The Days of the Phoenix will always be “that” video for me.


It’s funny because that was actually the first afi music video i ever saw back in 2000. I was in a aol chat room and someone sent me it. I went out and bought aod right away which kicked off my afi obsession but there’s just something about the beautiful thieves video that I like.


Silver and Cold for sure. The cinematography of it, the setting in Prague, the winter, the blue filter, everything, really captured me and I still feel the same way about it now. It’s my favorite video ever made, from any band, ever.