Favorite Song from "The Art of Drowning"?


What is YOUR favorite track from the 2000 album, “The Art of Drowning”?

  • Initiation
  • Lost Souls
  • The Nephilim
  • Ever and a Day
  • Sacrifice Theory
  • Of Greetings and Goodbyes
  • Smile
  • A Story at Three
  • Days of the Phoenix
  • Catch a Hot One
  • Wester
  • 6 to 8
  • Despair Factor
  • Morningstar
  • Battled

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Just started an AFI survivor on r/afireinside!

I’m currently debating between DOTP and Despair Factor…


Wester all the way!!! “I can feel you dreaming of me!” I love this song! :black_heart::heart:️:black_heart::heart:️:musical_note:


I was torn between “Despair Factor” and “Morningstar,” but I went with my first thought and said “Morningstar.”


I caved and went with my number 1 pick in my mind by like a second… DOTP. Partially because watching the music video so many times over the years.


Yeah, that’s pretty much how I did it; that and how much I love seeing it live.


I had to go with The Despair Factor…every time I see that song live I love it even more. It is the song I think of first when I think of that album.


Yo what about Dream of Waking tho


Fuck me… thank you. I’ll add it now.

EDIT: Gonna have to try again later to add it… there’s an editing time limit on polls on here. I changed the time frame to be able to edit it but it’s still not letting me, lol. :frowning:

@insectpins you would point that out, wouldn’t you. :wink:


Days of the Phoenix. It’s why this whole obsession started


I like the bonus tracks! lol just trying to stay consistent with the Black Sails poll that had Lower It.


Between 6 to 8 and Days of the Phoenix…finally decided for Days of the Phoenix :slight_smile:


I’m going to do a poll for all albums, except Black Sails since @MyFireInsidePod already did that one. I’ll be more careful with the next one. :wink:


The Days of the Phoenix was one of the first AFI songs I listened to so obviously it holds a special place in my heart, but I’m going to have to go with Morningstar.


Tough call between The Lost Souls or The Despair Factor or Catch a Hot One. Bump Initiation to add Dream of Waking, maybe? Initiation is cool, but would anyone really vote that as a favorite?


It was hard choosing between Of Greetings and Goodbyes and Wester, but the lyrics of Wester are one of Davey’s best, so I went with it


My pick was Morningstar but it’s so hard to chose. Love 6 to 8, Wester, Smile…:


The Days of the Phoenix is AFI’s career defining song. The song hits exactly what the band stands for more than any other song in their catalog.


I agree that it’s up there, but I believe “God Called in Sick Today” is THE SONG that defines them the most. That is, if it came down to one song out of all.


Gonna have to disagree. I’m not saying one song is better than the other though. I meant it literally when I said it was a career defining song. It’s a song about being together as a band dreaming of just performing and doing what you love. The lyrics define the band and what they’re about better than any other song. (Except maybe 6 to 8.)