For sale Decemberunderground skateboard

I have this posted on eBay for $225, I’m willing to sell for $200 plus shipping if anyone wants to do an “offer” bid. US only unfortunately. I will slowly start selling off my collection, I’m moving and selling my house so I’m going to part with most of my collection.


I know it’s a long shot, but did you sell this?

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Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Yes, this has been sold.

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No worries! Thanks for responding! I actually found a signed one!

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What’s up @Snobgrass ,Did you end up selling anymore pieces?I’m looking for another blue All Hallows,Fitos,and vinyls mainly.I also am moving some pieces to get other pieces I’ve wanted.
On a sidenote how’s everything going with the move?Is it a local move or are you majorly relocating?Good luck with everything man

I Hey @Ksf145 how you been Brother?
Yes, almost every AFI item I had has been sold. Only things I have left are a black crash love cell and the All Hollows picture discs I ordered before I decided to sell everything. I’m down to sell them if your looking for them.
No move yet, I’ve been waiting for my company to make me space on our location in Scranton PA, should be a couple more months and I’m set. I appreciate you asking.
It’s a major move. Moving from NY to PA, selling my house and moving in with my Fiancée. Pretty stoked about it.

What’s up dude!It’s crazy how time flies and things change btw Congrats on the engagement too very happy for ya.

I’m definitely interested in the all Hallows picture disc and maybe even the all black crash love send me a p.m.about those.You had a cool collection do you think you will ever start collecting again?

Man that sound’s super exciting!Definitely going to be a cool new chapter in your life.Enjoy the ride bro!

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