Gifts for the members?

Has anyone else brought gifts to one of their shows? For Street Scene San Diego I bought Davey dried roses and a Sanrio bunny with a necklace of green stone. I also painted a photo of Davey in concert. I bought Jade a candle and holder with a slide and some guitar pics. For their show coming up in February I bought Davey personalized stationary, a fountain pen, and Jade a guitar strap with pics, Adam a book on high magic, and Hunter a wood block print of Godzilla in Tokyo. I hope they appreciate them.


@janicethemenace can you give some detail on what you did for the boys? I thought it was awesome… you and I spoke of this on Facebook a bit, but I’m sure everyone here would like the story as well.

Om another note, I’ve only ever met Davey in person once… at a meet & greet back in 2003 when they still did them before the show. I only said to him how much he inspired me and that he was my idol, which he still is. It was a star-struck moment.

@batwings, those sound like lovely gifts! That’s incredibly thoughtful of you. I never got them anything amazing. I gave Davey and Jade vegan chocolate biscuits at a Blaqk Audio show once, but that’s it.

Hi Scott!
Yes I had a blast doing the 25th Anniversary thing ~ that’s what you’re talking about right? I’ll try to get more words (timeline?) to you but did you see the FB page for it?


The best part was it actually made it to their hands ~ that was the REAL challenge!


@janicethemenace, that is absolutely gorgeous! :heart::fire:


YES! THANK YOU JANICE! I was blown away when you first told me about this… <3

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