Here's a thought: What relics do the band members have?

What relics do you think all of the band members have? Has anyone ever heard of what kinds of items they have or they know family has? I’ve heard before about their teachers having test pressings of the Dork in the early years for example.

It just makes me curious…

Well, all know that Jade has that mythic iPod with all the songs he’s written for AFI. That’s all I’ve heard about, though I imagine there’s a lot more that the guys are holding onto.


I’m sure they have some rarer stuff they kept as personal items. I know people in bands who keep 1 copy of the first press each for personal reasons. I’m assuming AFI would be the same.

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Oh, yeah, most definitely. I just find it funny that AFI’s entire discography+ is on an old iPod apparently not backed up anywhere ( in that AOL interview from February, Jade said something along the lines of they would be screwed if he lost it). The boy lives dangerously with his unreleased music.

They probably also have a lot of the prototypes for merchandise and such. I bet you Davey rocks those rose sweatshirts from the other post. :wink: @STORMS


I know you’re kidding anyway, but just like Davey said he doesn’t get inspiration from their own work, I could never see them wearing their own brand, lol.


LOL, but can you imagine? But, yeah, I don’t see him wearing his own merch, let alone unapproved merch.

Demos with Bonnie Raitt’s son. Yes, that Bonnie Raitt. That was the first thing they’d ever recorded. You really don’t want it; it’s probably a lot more disappointing than it sounds. By their accounts, they totally sucked on that record.
Press photos with Frank, the lost member of AFI. You can actually find one of these on the Internet.
Various flyers from over the years. Also can find some of these on the internet. Some of them you can’t.
Maybe an early copy of BYOFL with their ad placed in it? You can also find one of these in the Internet archive.
“The Bible” of Sing the Sorrow sounds might still be with Joe McGrath. Maybe if you press him hard enough Jade will give up some of his secrets on some of the weirder sounds he got on that record but the book might still be with the engineer.
Sorry if I can’t think of anything more exciting.


What the heck is the bible of Sing the Sorrow?


I’ve never really heard of any of this. I do recall Adam being interviewed and asked about “early” recordings and Adam seemingly showing an offended face at the idea of those recordings ever being made public… because they were terrible and it’s likely very embarrassing for them.

I had made a cassette tape of my singing and my friend banging on some sort of drum when I was like 12, so I could just imagine if I was in their shoes and that cassette tape getting out. It’s one of those things you just wish no one ever knew about.


I’m curious, too, what that is.

According to News HQ’s interview with Vic Chalker they recorded a 4 or 5 songs with Dave Raitt - Bonnie Raitt’s brother, not son, as I erroneously claimed - which was so bass heavy it destroyed Adam’s car speakers.
As to the Sing the Sorrow Bible, the Sing the Sorrow Bass Tracking video refer to a book that contains instructions for getting every sound on that record - every amp setting, every mic placement technique, etc. Probably still sitting with Joe McGrath.


Didn’t know what about Sing the Sorrow. Thanks for that tidbit of info!