Hey Everyone Introducing Myself

Hey Everybody, My name is Anthony from Austin, Tx. I’ve been a fan for around 13 years. I became a big fan of AFI around when december underground released when I was in highschool. Where I grew up this wasnt the norm. Anything other than rap was seen as wierd. I connected with the music during those hard years that everyone has during that time and had a resurgence in fandom 2 years ago when I married my long time friend I met in highschool who Is an even bigger fan than me who has been following them. Through our mutual love of the music weve bonded and now we have a 10 month old son who we named Oliver Havok. Ive been lucky enough to see them during the Blood Tour and Mourning America. We’ll be going to all shows near us!


Welcome @Ant_ofc ! Awesome story! That is also quite an amazing name!!!


Welcome! It’s great to have another fan here! And Oliver Havok is an awesome name! You’re setting that kid up well to be a future rock star!

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Thank you for the welcome and making the forum!


Ill be sure to pass on the great word to join. We would be at ever show early in the front!

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welcome to the forums, buddy

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Welcome @Ant_ofc to the forums :slight_smile:

Funny thing…my son is 3 months old…and he’s also named Oliver…although we call him Mr. Oliver :slight_smile:

My daughter is 10…but doesn’t care about AFI :frowning: But she likes my t-shirts :wink:

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@mxjtrk @Blag Thank ya’ll for the welcome good to be a part of the new board though I wasnt around for the old one😄. Dude thats awesome! Congrats to you. Oliver is a timeless name…i hope to give my son some guidance…but he’ll like what he likes like your daughter😂.

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Oliver Havok is a wonderful name :wink::wink: