How are you? Just checking in


Still hanging in there, although maybe not in the best mood. Could tell you but FM Vanished summed up most of it. Saw Martin Scorsese’s After Hours today, so that’s one off the weird movie list. Tried to find employment; hasn’t been going well. Been thinking about setting up dates to make music with other people, because I miss jamming.

Wish I could be more active here but to be honest there’s not much to talk about in the world of AFI fandom, at least until their tour with Rise Against starts up. The Blaqk Audio record must be finished by now, so I have to imagine they’re prepping artwork/promo stuff to get it dressed up for release, while they still have the free time to do it. And I’m still wondering what Hunter’s other music project is. Other than that, I have to imagine it’s going to be a while before the boards get hopping again.


Yeah, once the tour cycle strikes activity will likely rise.

Work and family keep me busy. I’d like to get some DFC merch officially started on teespring.


The logo came out insanely awesome man,I know the boards have been a bit quiet but what do you think if whom ever is interested we can start throwing out any ideas for the DFC Package with the logo,and those awesome symbols we got alot to work with,I’m sure some creative things will come out if this.It would be cool to mark the first shirt release and the fact that you created this awesome community for us and literally revived the AFI boards.Excited to be able to have the shirt for the tour maybe some stickers or zine too,like that cool intro you wrote I wouldn’t mind printing them out and passing them out at the shows,everyone can print some up and pass them out at the shows theyre going to.If your cool with it of course.Hell I’ll donate some tees and its only fitting for you to present DFC to the band.It wouldn’t suprise me to see one the guys rocking one of your logo buttons on a guitar strap or something


I mean I really regret even talking about this now so just forget it…


Whatever it is…we’re here for you :slight_smile: Life sucks…that’s a fact…so if you need someone to talk to, just let us know…remember that we’re all part of the big dark flame :wink:


Thanks…sorry for reviving an old thread…


No need to :slight_smile: This is your forum too :wink:


I’m very wellll
I’ve been lingering around here n there
I’m as constant as I can be☺️