How early do you get to a show?


Funny you say that @Teenagedeathboys . During Mourning in Amerika, right after AFI my wife and I left. Granted, we had a babysitter to get back to, but neither of us cared to see Rise Against.

It would have been nice to meet the boys again after the show, but my wife and I were actually lucky to get sitters for the weekend… we thought we had it planned out, then last minute we struggled to find sitters for the weekend. So basically, we felt lucky to still even be going to both shows (Sat & Sun night).

Besides if you wanna witness Davey entering the crowd or be part of the magical moment… the center in the middle is where to be. You could have a chance to hold Davey up, etc.


My wife and I are in the same boat…lucky enough to have gotten a sitter for a couple of hours when we saw them in the Mourning Amerika Tour. Missed Anti- flag and got there right before Davey came out, left before Rise Against.

We were probably 20m from the stage not bad but my wife is 4 ft nothing so she didn’t see much unfortunately :expressionless: …maybe we will invest in some platforms for concerts.