HysteriaMag writes about "Sing the Sorrow" 15th Anniversary and how the record changed everything for AFI

Just two days ago on 3/11/18 marked AFI’s Sing the Sorrow to be 15 years old. Sing the Sorrow is still to this day, AFI’s biggest leap to success. HysteriaMag has written a great piece surrounding the album and a few other artists that AFI follow that also had similar leaps.

Check out the article here:

Credit: Eric Panales


Awesome how did I ,miss this,I remember skipping class in jr high which was a big deal a tradition I still do I have to buy afi records on release days I’ll listen to three songs a day to prolong the experience as it isn’t often,one moment I’ll share was when DU came out and summer shudder kicked in Daveys lyrics then the high ascending sy the sizer I got chills and I still do,especially during jades clean guitar part during the symphony part.I can go on for days this band is magic.thankS for the article!


This article is so amazingly written! It’s kind of wonderful


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