I didn't like the new songs at first

The songs on “Bodies” hit me off guard… I really did not like them at first, but there was something about Dulceria that was sticking in my head… now I’m hooked.

Thoughts on the new songs? @Blag @AmyB1275 @afi_ske @Autumn @acondax @AstoryATthree @albertcrumbliveshere @dnlkdwll @Nick210 @Th3doctor @_tonibell @DespairFaction

I randomly just saw that Target has an exclusive offer for a gold embroidered patch:

I’m 50/50 with the new songs. I like half but the other half I find forgettable. I’m not all that excited for the new album just yet.

To be honest I’m pretty middle of the road with it. I love most of the songs that have come out but 1 I was just thinking… yeah, that’s there.
However what I must say I find distressing is in their virtual space for “The Dispair Faction” they are selling soap, shower curtains, and sandals. Why not stuff more related to the music… then again that’s why they get paid the big bucks and I’m hand screen printing my merch.


No, I get you… my wife and I were joking a bit about it.

If I buy a bar of soap for $25… yeah, I’m not using it. There are many questionable pieces of merch…

I do really like the jacket - just wish it said “DF” on it or something.

The only items I regret not getting now are the DF exclusive vinyl and the boxed set… both now sold out.

I still can’t get over Dulceria. It’s so funky and good and different. I’m pretty excited overall for the rest of the album because I want to see where else it could possibly go.


Honestly I really like all the new songs except for Looking Tragic. The album definitely has a “vibe” going for it, which is great. To me it sounds like Crash Love via way of Burials. I don’t think I will place it as high as I did The Blood Album, which is my fourth favorite after the middle three. I can definitely see liking it more than Crash Love, but obviously it’s hard to say before hearing the full album. The mix is killer.

I think they’re selling the bath goods because of quarantine and stuff. Because you can’t go to shows, relax and take a bath while enjoying the new album.

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about your last point about the bath collection, it goes with the album title in a way, with the album being called bodies and a bath is cleaning your body and all that jazz. and like you said, it’s merch that has a bit more of a use during quarantine than the average merchandise, you’re not going out often so no place to wear stuff like band tees, so why not relax at home and take a bath?

Wow. You just blew my mind. That did not even come to mind…

With that being said, I just wish they weren’t so expensive!

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I don’t fully understand the album yet. The songs are quite different from one another and I’d like to listen to the rest of the tracks before I start giving out my opinion on it. So far, there are songs I like and some I don’t. That can change once I have a bit more context.

That being said, Dulceria is absolutely amazing. It demonstrates a maturity in the band that I was hoping for. If we’re not going to get stuff like STS-style songs, then THIS is what I want to hear from them.

If you haven’t seen it already, I suggest you check out my video paying homage to their music video.

I just realized that Twisted Tongues rings the bells of Reiver’s Music… anyone else hear it?

you are so smart! i did not see that, but it makes sense.


I liked Looking Tragic first time I heard it…Escape from Los Angeles not so much…same with Dulceria…Twisted Tonged kind of…and Begging for Trouble was good too…in overall…I need to give it some time…

It took me almost 10 years to fall in love with The Metal Album from Public Image Ltd…so…I can give Bodies a couple of weeks :rofl:

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I’ve had all songs basically on repeat recently…

More deeply regretting not getting a few things in the store before they sold-out - oh well!

I Love them! The videos are awesome too!

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