I laughed when I saw this


Just graduated with the only acceptable GPA for an AFI fan:


Refresh my memory what 336 and 337 ended up meaning? I remember trying to pick this apart on the official forums back in '03.


I don’t think anyone actually figured out what it definitively meant, but it supposedly had to do with the 336 picture disc and 337 was supposed to refer to Sing the Sorrow, or something to do with Sing the Sorrow. There’s also a big deal about the number 7, and I remember when this all was first happening I believe it was Gavin or Fritch who said something about the numbers were actually 33 and 7, or 3 and 37, or something like that. Anyway, I remember a bunch of stuff like people at meet and greets would ask the band a question and they would cryptically answer “Seven” or “The answer is seven”, and then on the Girl’s Not Grey vinyl I believe there are engravings that say “How Many?” and “Seven”. Supposedly it also has something to do with reincarnation and numerology, which I don’t entirely agree with; people used to say Sing the Sorrow is a circle about death and reincarnation and I don’t agree with that either. I still have all the clues from that mystery thing in a PDF. I’m determined to figure it out by myself once and for all someday. :laughing:

BTW congrats on your graduation, @dnlkdwll


Thanks. Mathematics is a tough degree so I’m proud of myself for staying above a 3.0.

3.37 is just perfect though.