Idea:AFI tribute/cover album..done by us forum members?


Hello all,I was thinking it would be cool if we all got together and made a cover of AFIsongs of our choosing,we can do it by choosing songs or even whole albums including bsides o r just plain songs we like or can perform,maybe even send it to the band themselves or include it with the under the rose revival idea? I can play many songs on guitar and bass,I’m sure so can others s but we can have all kinds,piano versions,acoustic versions,full band versions,any instruments welcome vocals encouraged whether sang like davey or in your own style I think it would be cool and fun to do and put together.Shall we move forward?


This is a really neat idea but not for me since I can’t play any instruments.

However, I did have a better idea of how to release a fan-made version of “Under the Rose”. The only catch is that it would basically be accessible to everyone (with a link).


I used to sing God Called in Sick Today to my kids to get them to sleep at night. The boys begged me to … I could do it again for this.


That is an awesome and beautiful song,I think I may do the same when I have little ones.I can do an acoustic version for you if you want


That sounds fun! I have a Scarlett Home Studio. It’s my husband’s but I’ll see what file formats it has.
MP4, WAV ect I’m sure.


I’ve been working on AFI songs on my ukulele…some songs work (Girls Not Grey, This Time Imperfect) and some songs don’t (White Offerings is just a straight up nope)


I pretty much know all Aod,sts,bsides,DU,crash love,burials ,almost all of blood and some bsits,make your choices and I’ll play what suitable tempo wise,I would love to duet acoustic with a piano player


Yes please. My piano needs tuning, but I have an older reason suite and sonar. I wouldn’t mind making a contribution.


This is one of my favorites. Still get the goosebumps.