In need of Geoff/Mark high quality pictures with AFI

I want to paint the wall with Geoff and Mark. I’ve tried to find pics of them playing with AFI live and I can’t find good enough pics to convert to black and white and edit them so I can copy them.

I was wondering if anyone had pics at all, or could scan magazine pics or vinyl pics of them playing live for me?

Trent Nelson has some good ones, I don’t know if you already went through his stuff.

I have some zines I can go through if you can’t find anything you like on there.

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Yes, thank you heaps. Unfortunately, they are too small or have cropped heads/instruments. If you could go through your stuff, I’d really appreciate it!

I have good polaroids if them all hanging out together, if that helps? I have each individual member, plus a group shot. Davey wearing a baseball cap, lol.

I wanna paint them playing their instruments. However I think it’s a great idea to paint the original lineup together. If you could make a HD scan of those, it would be appreciated!

You should try the early video of what appears to be the This is Berkeley Not West Bay release… Davey in suspenders.

I need high res pictures.