In search of... what's on your wish list?

Yeah, it does feel at times like the merch side of things is a bit of an after thought these days. Considering how progressive they once were with this sort of thing it’s a bit of a shame the state it’s in now

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A few times a year I reboot my search for this incredible wallet that has fallen off the face of the earth. It’s a trifold (as you can see) When it was new, it was all red and black with the middle panel being a photo of the band. It’s from the DU era, I want to say I got it for Christmas in 2007. I’ve been searching for this thing for 8 years with no luck.
If you have one laying around that you could part with or see one magically pop up online, please let me know. I have search alerts on for ebay and have for years - but nothing!

Help a desperate girl out D:



THIS IS THE WALLET. I just found a picture on Worthpoint. this particular listing was sold on ebay in 2008. But does this help? This is what it looked like. That means there is more than one out there. God, I need to find this somewhere.


Curious: are you finding it to use it, or to have it as part of your collection?

I think that what I want the most is the Crash Love advance(?) CD but I’ve never seen it on sale, ever.

Both is the short answer. I’d like to use it. But not as often or as recklessly as my original one. I’d like to keep the integrity of one that’s not completely worn out.

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GUYS. THE IMPOSSIBLE HAS HAPPENED!!! I just happened to post it at the right time on Reddit and someone had the wallet that they weren’t using. This kind soul sent it to me. I’m basically speechless. 8 years of searching and I finally have it. Here’s a picture next to my old one for reference lol


Awesome! Congratulations! :smiley:


Thank you! I am still in shock!


I’m in search of early EPs. Behind the Times (both OG pressings). Also Eddie Picnic (both OG pressings). Test presses and of course a Dork.

I know the last two are less likely, but you never know.


I’m actually selling a BtT 2nd press if you’re interested. It includes both the thank you list and the resealable bag.

I did see that, but just a little too steep for me for that record. Thanks though

Check discogs I saw a behind the time og print on there not to long ago

If its too high you can use a app called klarna to split up ur payments so You can still get it without going completely broke and have it shipped before you even fully pay for it.

I look on Discogs and eBay daily. I’m trying to get creative to get a copy. I saw the one on Discogs but it’s too high of a price out of principal. I’ve searched the hashtags and message to see if they want to sell. Just keeping my hopes up

I just came across this on the web, I’d love to purchase ones urprisingly I haven’t seen this before,I have a similar advertisement piece but it doesn’t have the band.I got this at a meet and greet before a show June 2003.(Bottom photo)Does anyone else have any STS era adverts and promo items.?I also recall an Alan Forbes rabbit piece from 2003.


I once had like 30 of those with the band photo. I gave them away on reddit a few years ago. Its tiny poster.

Any of the originals. Really want any of the Fly in the Ointments. Of course Dork. Everyone wants that. I can’t find my white Heckle and now that I look back, I didn’t have it when I took the last photo. I hope it’s back at my Mums somewhere. Damn. I also would like to get my hands on a Clandestine. It always costs me a limb in shipping fees being in Australia, though.

Hey everyone. First post here, so I’m not sure if this is allowed or not, but I was just curious if anyone on this forum might have a copy of the days of the phoenix ep they may be interested in selling? I’ve had it on my discogs wantlist for a while now but I keep missing it when they go up for sale. Also looking for the Crash Love cd with the alternative black artwork and the Ultimate Rarities bootleg… :slight_smile:

If anyone has any of these stickers I would be super interested. :+1:t3: