In search of... what's on your wish list?


Sorry, I don’t…I had two copies of it, one got lost and one got destroyed, but both times I got Dave. :smirk:


Oh no, that sucks! Thanks anyway.


I only have Jade. Actually, when this album came out I was totally oblivious to the different faces… either that or I just paid no attention to it.


WOW… that sale price. Was it one of you? @4ibanez @dnlkdwll @Acidpickle

Congrats to whoever got it.


Nah, I already had it, but this thing has appreciated in value incredibly fast.


That’s awesome.

For me… I’m holding that amount for when a Dork finally comes to eBay. Remember, I don’t have one! LOL :slight_smile:


Insane, but I already have one, and paid like $230 a week after release (missed the 7" dropping by like an hour). I do fancy a 2nd one tho!


Wasn’t me either, that’s just insane.


This (SYMAOYE poster) went for $31 fyi :wink:. I take it you didn’t bid?


I already have actually two of them from when I originally built my collection. Back then you would have never thought those posters would be so hard to find or as valuable as they are now.


So I need to control myself, so I’m going to put this here.

It’s a BUY IT NOW of $42. @Acidpickle @4ibanez @Snobgrass @Pablo @insectpins

This a good deal? The retail price was $15, right?


That seems like a reasonable price. They only made 220 of them…I’d pay that price with no issue…and its very cool looking.


Well, it’s there for whoever wants it. I gotta step back though and maybe get the next one to come around.

I’ve been here before where all this AFI stuff that I want/need goes on eBay and I panic because it all adds up.

I could just imagine being the person who won the test pressing for $600, then this one shows up. Now, you’re at about $650, lol.


$42 is a decent price. I think I sold my spare to @dnlkdwll for around that price.


That’s the most reasonable amount I’ve seen in a while.


Plus it has free shipping, lol…

I’ll give it a few days. If it’s still there this weekend I may have to bite at it.



Got a few duplicates I’d offer up here. Not looking for much. Included the Discogs links if you’re one of us crazy bastards who needs every single region of every album.

Sing The Sorrow (Europe) [Red]

Decemberunderground (US)

Girl’s Not Grey Promo (UK)

This release does not have the actual artwork. It came from a radio station and had a generic sleeve with notes written on it

Canadian shipping would be real cheap or included on the price, and ideally just selling all as a bundle would be easiest. Send me a message if you want anything.



Keep in mind, this is NOT an original or authentic, but here’s a Totalimmortal shirt for cheap (because it’s a repress)


We were just talking about the Head Like a Hole B-side. It was the UK version of DU. Here’s an eBay lot with it, but shipping is expensive (because it’s from the UK).

B-Sides and Rare Tracks

@MyFireInsidePod if you’re serious about wanting the Black Sails EP for “Who Knew?”, there’s apparently on for sale on Discogs (I happen to see it, thanks to @insectpins )

I almost don’t believe this though… it’s only $22??? Doesn’t seem right. That’s like giving it away for free…
EDIT: It’s $22, because it has no cover sleeve. Still, that’s a good deal.