In search of... what's on your wish list?


It’s been sitting there for $22 because there’s no booklet.


That’s awesome!I don’t how the following slipped by me


Is that worth it without the sleeve though?


Yeah… idk. How to imagine they might have one at amoeba records


If I didn’t have it already, I would buy it without hesitation. It sucks that there’s no sleeve but the disc is there and so is the music. Just keep an eye out on eBay for one to surface. Meanwhile, if I were you, I’d buy the one from Discogs. $22 is not much at all for that.


This is my auction by the way, thanks for promoting it! Ha.
Just getting rid of some spare stuff that I’ve ended up with through buying bundles. If anyone on here needs any of these you can have them for free! You’ll just have to pay for the postage. Message me if interested. :+1:t3:


Negative. I wouldn’t buy it without it totally intact. I need on for my collection too :cry:


Anyone need the cassette version of VPOY? I recently purchased a copy and, when I went to put it away, I found a different copy I already had. Keeping everything cataloged is difficult I guess.


I just went to confirm that I had one quick… haha.

I have it, but thank you. What was the last album to get a cassette, STS or DU?


DU was the last album released on cassette


I could have sworn I had Black Sails on cassette, but I’m only seeing Answer That, VPOY and Shut Your Mouth… then again, like you said, it can be difficult to catalogue everything.

I actually thought about putting together a shirt archive, similar to the DF package archive. A shirt archive would be neat, but it wouldn’t be easy at all.


Hey, the Discogs listings had to happen somehow. It’s a lot of research and fan input to get archives created. I’m sure people would be willing to photograph front and back designs to help out.


Very true. Perhaps this weekend I’ll start taking photos of the F&B of all my shirts. I have over 60… well it might be 70 now since Blood Tour. :slight_smile:


Heads up if anyone would see it… this Despair Faction shirt from Burials (preferably a small)
(far left)


Anyone still looking for this? It’s back in stock.


Does this interest anyone? I’d possibly bite on it but I gotta slow down with everything that’s been coming out between merch on the AFI store and the Dork represses, lol.

Anyway, I’ve never seen this before… is it a promo?

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That Pinhead Gunpowder song rules. Not really interested in this sampler though.


Anyone looking for a black Crash Love cd? If I didnt have one I’d definitely pay $50 for it. This seller has been unloading some good stuff…I just picked up the Black Sails AP EP and 2 other cds from him, he’s a good seller and packaged the cd like it was a painting by Van Gogh.


I need this… I’m going to bid but I was hoping it was a Buy it Now. Thanks @Snobgrass


Finally found this poster and its never been folded. Too bad the price is crazy: