In search of... what's on your wish list?


Got that Black Sails HT variant on eBay this morning. Hopefully I wasn’t bidding against any of you.


I was out when it finished so forgot to bid. :weary: Glad you won it though. Let me know if it has the HT sticker on it when it arrives. Think that guy still has a few so hopefully I can bag one at a good price!


This is why I’m out of the auction game. I would only be bidding against you all here and you guys are all willing to spend as much as me.


Anyone collecting the country variations of CDs? I’m thinking of selling mine off and just sticking to the rare CDs if I’m collecting them.


I have a lot of them but there may be the odd one or two you have that I don’t. I’d be interested.


Let me know which ones you’re looking for and I’ll see if I have them.

I’m only interested in keeping Japanese editions and editions with bonus tracks.


Me me me!!! Yeah I have a few but would be interested in anything I didn’t have.


Okay, I dont want to clog up this thread so I’ll start a group PM later with links to all the ones I’m ready to part with. Should be somewhere between 15-20 of them.

Also, if anyone collects comps that AFI is featured on, I want to clean those out as well.


Got it in today. Still sealed with the hype sticker on it.


Country variations? What are they?


Different CD pressings based on release country. No real significant differences besides some bonus tracks on a few.


I have 3 left now if anyone is interested


Which comps do you have left?



I used to keep that Plea for Peace comp on regular rotation in my car. I gave it to my little brother a few months ago when he asked me for CDs.


Yo, looks like someone has this mythical double b-side VPOY.


I saw that and just figured, since most people don’t listen to their records, how do we know that its actually all that limited?


Now that you’ve pointed it out, I haven’t even checked mine.


Time to check those records for the poor quality control Nitro is infamous for


Anyone looking for the AOD promo cd check this one on eBay, it’s a good buy it now price.