In search of... what's on your wish list?


If anyone in the uk wants An AOD promo, I’ve got one going for a similar price (bought on eBay a little while ago, description wasn’t great, gambled on it not being this)


Its not in my possession yet but i am excited.its ordered and paid for but i spent more than I intended also.i should be the owner of one of my holy grail items soon.the black on black sts CD is mine finally.and i got a red sts with the dead bird on disc.and the 6 track promo for sts…black sts cost me 102.66.i won the bid…6 track promo cost me 20 was 49 or 59,but he accepted my offer.but i am very happy.


I mostly focus on the vinyl, i’m Currently looking for the purple version of the Blood Album if anyone spots one out there that isn’t super expensive or shipping from a foreign country (me being in the US)


Good job cutting the price down on the 6 track. Definitely not worth paying $50 for.
The 4 and 6 track sts promos were fun to collect. There are technically 2 of each (to my knowledge, one of each on a gold disc and one of each on a silver). Can’t remember if there was ever a reason for it, may have had something to do with copy protection or something like that, but it’s been a long time since I looked into any of that stuff


@Hammonds wow, another detail I knew nothing about. Great call out!


Well as my luck would have it.the black sts autographed cd i supposedly won the bid on isnt working out as I says it hasnt been shipped,and that the seller canceled my order.i paid 102 bux for a dream that jus may be completely Idk if its on its way or if its in limbo.i am severely depressed and so mad i could spit hell.on a brighter note…i received my afi 6 song promo(gold version),and the red sts with dead bird,and i got the blood album from the russian federation in jewel case with 14 page booklet.and the afi comp CD from trying to get another promo…well see how that goes.ive also got a second copy of the hand stamped miss murder on the way.hopefully i dont hit no more snags in my wish list.i am super sad.


That sucks :confused:. Well the gold versions of the sts promos tend to be slightly harder to come by from memory.


I had a guy sell me a Wester/6 to 8 promo CD and never ship it out. Wouldn’t respond to messages either. Had to get eBay involved to get my money back.


Anyone looking for a Crash Love Best Buy? It’s a little beat up but I think it’s pretty rare.


Yep, I’d buy it in seconds. :slight_smile:


The AFI LP box set is on ebay… $300 and looks to be in “fair” condition… it kinda looks beat up, is it just me? Also, I do not see the necklace…?


Would definitely advise passing on this. Better deals on Discogs last I checked.


Have we got any Australians? I’m looking for DU with Hunter on the cover (it has the white box with the warning message at the bottom right, so you can tell it’s the Aus version). Also Aus edition of Blood, sealed?


What shittery is this? Both sides of the vinyl have different AFI font from the Black Sails font, PLUS does not have the ship art on either side? Is this from the later Nitro releases???


That’s one of the newer reissues.


I got a great deal on the gold 6 track sts promo for 20 bux IMO.had to open a case for a refund on the black sts i bought.i guess he didnt want to sell it for 102.66.and was hoping it would bid up way past,but i was the only bidder.i was so excited then let down.but im getting refunded.and i found a rare mcr headfirst for halos cd that made me happy again but damn i was so close to owning my holy grail black sts i could taste it.


They are awful, aren’t they? Surprised you haven’t seen one yet.
There’s a nice Plum variant of SYM&OYE that has got some cool labels on it.


I missed a lot of the represses from 2015. The represses without the artwork look cheaply done… especially when the font is completely different too.


Nice! I think I have a similar one for Black Sails. I might have sold it off though.


I think that one is from 2014 or earlier. I remember seeing those pop up a few years ago. The labels are the same ones from the boxset.