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Then we have this one which is a lighter shade too. God damnit Nitro


If it makes you guys any more comfortable lumping together all of these slight variants, I know of at least one pressing plant that used to do orders of “trash” colored vinyl. It was just a swirly mix of whatever else they happened to be using that day, and usually ended up looking kind of gray with marble swirls of other colors. If Nitro was/is doing orders like that, it might be impossible to catalog all of the shade differences that could occur.


There’s got to be like 15-20 variants including the plum and other recent represses this is going to be a costly endeavor.


IMO this was a very significant release, even if it was just one song. I remember when this came out.

For one, MySpace from then and now are two completely different websites and two, this was the initial official release for the Rabbits are Roadkill song.

only $11.99 w/ free shipping. Heads up to anyone who needs it. I have this already. I only have the disc anymore though… I have no clue where the book and case got to.


Can someone verify that they used the same Decemberunderground font for Crash Love? And yeah, I just bought this shirt… mainly to add to my collection since I wear a small.


I saw that but assumed it was a fake because of the older logo.


Yeah, it could be… I kinda freaked / panicked when I saw it. Plus it was cheap. They’re also selling a Blaqk Audio zip up hoodie that I’ve never seen.


Is there any special differances on the aus blood version CD?


I think it’s a fake. I’m like 80% positive that the images were just copied from an advert because (for some reason) I’m able to remember being vaguely irritated that they recycled the band logo for magazine ads the first shows of the CL tour.

That BA hoodie is an official. I remember it from the CexCells merch store.


@dnlkdwll they claim to have been at the show to get it. She states she was at the Seattle date. I believe them, especially since the Blaqk Audio zip up is real.


Did they get it at the merch booth?


I assume but I didn’t ask that.


It just says made in Australia on the rear and should gave a content warning sticker on the shrink wrap.


If anyone was looking for some picture discs that were buried underground, this guy has you covered.


Looks like they have been burials underground since December? :grimacing:


lol I love how there’s a reserve price


TAOD for $12 (back ordered).


Is this official or what…? I’ve never seen this and it is on Discogs???

@dnlkdwll @insectpins @4ibanez @Acidpickle


Absolutely not official.


Okay, good. I didn’t buy it. Thanks