In search of... what's on your wish list?


Well…not sure of course…but it’s on Discogs…

CD, Compilation, Partially Unofficial (Whatever that means…)


Last week it was TAOD, this time BSITS is down to $11 on amazon:


Is $150 for a DU + CL 12" shipped from USA to Mexico a good price? I haven’t followed prices lately.


I’d say that’s fantastic. That’s what people pay for DU alone.


What condition are they in?


They’re actually mine and I’m getting rid of them. I will take some pics tomorrow.


Dude that’s more than fair if the condition is good.I’m interested already if no one else is ahead. @STORMS the buy it now you got for those blood album variants was insane!I can’t find anything under 100 bucks!


Unless you already have a buyer, I’d be interested. :slight_smile:

NP if you already do. :slight_smile:


I found 3 of the variants for under $100 (about $45 a piece) but it’s almost impossible to find the purple one for under $115. I’m just sitting around, waiting to see if something cheaper pops up. I’m not in a hurry, but it is frustrating.


Why is the purple so expensive? Is it because its Davey? I thought that was the last one to sell out during the POs.


I suspect it’s because it’s Davey’s. And there aren’t many being sold so scarcity makes the price higher. :confused: but i’m Keeping my eyes open!


During the preorder, I don’t think they revealed which color was which member. Just blood type/color combos, right? (Or do obsessed fans know the band members’ blood types and that was a hint for them? Hahaha.)


I can’t remember if they revealed it during the pre-order…I feel like they didn’t spell it out, but something about the artwork made it obvious? I can definitely tell you which color is which now.

I always thought the blood type thing was probably more of a reference to something vaguely Japanese, since in Japan they think that blood types are like astrological signs and have some kind of influence on your personality. I can’t remember where I heard that though.


I’m looking for a cheap decent copy of the German sts,with the red front,silver back if anyone has one they’d part with…also.i really am loving how CDs from Japan are finally availavle cheap.i would like to build a basic Japanese CD collection of theyr albums now.


Is purple more limited,aren’t they all limited to 650?I’d rather get the Fly in the ointment and its variants first if thats the cause. @STORMS got em for like 27 a pop I believe,such a good deal. @sayasha which vinyl and variants do you have?


@STORMS got an amazing price on those! A little jealous. I think the runs were limited to somewhere between 625 and 675. I recall the numbers being slightly different,

I have most of the albums and several 7” and 10”, I only have one copy of each, i’m not a completist by any means. I have a couple of comps (Punk Fiction, No Time To Kill), but yeah, Blood Album is the only one i’ve Tried to get all versions of :grin:


I’ve never seen this press photo before, and… I bought it.


I’ve never seen that either,those are my holy grails over any vinyl,to have all the glossy press photos,they are super expensive now.That is an awesome photo


I’d love to have Davey’s new book. I couldn’t order it st the time due to a expensive er bill and then my dad had 2 heart attacks right after that and has been in the hospital since but thankfully he got out of the hospital Friday! So now I’m looking into finding the book. I have pop kids signed and it’s in a zip lock baggie. I would like to have the new book signed as well but I guess that’s not a necessary thing since I have the first one signed.


I’m interested but it’ll have to be a few weeks until I act.

So if no one else offers up, I’ll get you in time.