In search of... what's on your wish list?


Np. It’s just a lot at once. :slight_smile:

Plus with my tattoo appointment coming up… not to mention what I’ll be paying at artists for DFC designs.



I would seriously consider buying if the text didn’t ruin it.


Damn I missed out,mortgage first unfortunately.
My wishlist someone (I will pay) to copy the glossy press photos at 600 ppi,I’d die a happy man
Its been quiet around here I guess we’ve all been busy.


Yeah sorry about my inactivity… I’m on a pretty substantial and time consuming project for work. I’ll likely be posting a lot more hopefully after 5/2.


Me too bro,work has just been crazy seems like for all of us.It’s all good I’m excited to work on Year One package with everyone and to see your pins and logo ideas.


A couple things a real dork ep crash love vinyl pretty much it for me the others I can find pretty easy.


Bit of a long shot. Anyone got one of the Black sails vests in a M or L they wanna sell me?


Black Sails vests??? I’ve never heard of it… is that a typo? Lol


Probably me being British.

One of these



I’m sure you can order one. sites like homage (for nba retro stuff) and mass inventory shops are capable of making EVERYTHING! @Acidpickle posted a DOTP allover hoodie which was dope but he was spot on with the writing on the bottom destroying some of the awesome.I’m sure they have these. Whoops it was a few scrolls up
All credit to @Acidpickle

Music is life
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Not sure if you know this (or care) but that “tank top” was cut for women and is wide at the bottom, narrow at the top. Not the best fit for a man’s body.


Well, I WAS searching for this item… and feel like I just got it for free at the price I got it for… (wow)…


I did not. Might have to re-evaluate that then.


Sometimes checking Ebay is curse. I wasn’t planning on dropping $100 till I saw this as a Buy it Now.

Now I just need Crash Love.


If you’ve still got this, I may be interested!


I actually bought one of these a few years ago. Hot Topic was selling them new in 2014 I think. I returned it though because the fit was just horrendous on my slinky skinny torso lol.


I wanted to buy the Burials flag with the eclipse image from the AFI website but then they unexpectedly took down the Burials merch (a while ago…) and I haven’t been able to find one. Any ideas? Thanks!


Crash Love is also the only one I need! I haven’t seen it on eBay recently, though there are a few on Discogs last I looked!


I also am dying to have a nephilim necklace! And
A STS one!