In search of... what's on your wish list?


Damn wish I saw this I had an xl i let go for 45$ Its super tiny even for xl size


No worries, apparently it’s a women’s fit top, so unlikely would have for me properly anyway


I just learned something… the Black on Black STS tour CD was also available on the DF store back in April, 2006.


Man I should have paid more attention back then.


The Nephilim pendant and ring were $6.

Yes, the regrets are severe… granted, I did get the pendant and still have it, but in retrospect I would have gotten several.

But yeah, it’s painful… lol. The thing is, in 2006 my life wasn’t in a good spot. Around this time I moved out with a friend… I would soon have very little money ever due to rent, plus we didn’t have internet for a year because we couldn’t afford it.


2006 was just before the point where I seriously thought about collecting. I’m guessing this was all surplus stock, and that it didn’t hang around on the shop very long, either that or I literally paid no attention back then. I feel like I would have mind, because a nephilim pendant is something I would have 100% bought and worn back then.


It’s a shame the DF store went away… having that back in the day was sick.

Our equivalent now is a link to merch that only DF get, which is still cool but it should be a link to multiple DF exclusive items.


Yeah, it does feel at times like the merch side of things is a bit of an after thought these days. Considering how progressive they once were with this sort of thing it’s a bit of a shame the state it’s in now