In search of... what's on your wish list?


Here you go Storms:


I went to college at SUNY Bing, and I live near White Plains. That’s why I asked. No one ever mentions it.

And that really sucks. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you guys. :slightly_frowning_face:


My Wife has her degree from there too. Great school, keeps getting bigger.

Yeah, I’ll call them again tomorrow, looks like the 20th was the release date.


If they have it down in White Plains, contact me before you start heading down; I might be able to run over and grab it for you.


That guys prices are ridiculous.


I bet if you order $1000 they’ll accept. Not saying it’s worth that much, but it doesn’t hurt to try. (Personally, I wouldn’t offer more than $600.)


Ok cool, I’ll check it out and if they have one I’ll let you know.


Offered him $800 for the first copy he put up. He said no. After a month or two he sent a message back asling if I was still interested for $800.

Of course, in that time I bought another copy for around $390 shipped.


I was in class as the ep announcement was posted and I immediately tried opening the page, but the inernet on my phone is complete shit so it wouldn’t load no matter how long I waited… I went to a nearby Starbucks as soon as class ended but it was too late. In hind site I should have faked sick or something


No dice. I just called them again and they check their system to see what their new release delivery shipment had and it wasn’t listed. It is what it is. :ghost: :jack_o_lantern:


@_tonibell How did you know about the blue All Hallows to pre-order it? (seems like you pre-ordered it before the HQ announcement? Correct me if I’m wrong)


I saw it posted in the AFI subreddit.


Ah, thanks. I don’t go on reddit. Seems like you have to go on every social media thing going to be clued in! I miss the simple days of finding out all news from bands’ own websites :pensive:


I was on my phone when HQ posted about it; I think I was just on there at the right time. I was bored on the train heading to a Chelsea Wolfe show


Did anyone get the copy of Dork? I noticed it’s not on Discogs now.


Okay new rule: immediately post all news like this on the forum first. Please. Too many social media platforms.


Holy shit… I did not expect that to sell for that high. That’s great and I hope someone here got it.

:frowning: I saw this through a link somewhere but never got around to buying one… :frowning: and now they’re sold out, LOL… :frowning:

THANK YOU for thinking of me, sir! I didn’t see this until now though, but it’s all good. It may have been out of my price range.

Yeah, I’d like to apologize again for my lack of updating on here. Work has been super-busy. My boss has been out with an injury so I actually worked both of my scheduled days off, etc. Then when I get home, I try to make it strictly family time because I’m so worn out.

I love coming on here though and seeing all these news posts. It very much makes my day. :slight_smile:

Regarding news, would anyone be interested in helping me post news on here and posting it to the @WeAreAFI twitter as well? If you are, reach out to me. I’m more than willing to share the password. At this point, it’s all about growth and growing our forum. @_tonibell how are you??? :slight_smile:


Well, I got out bid by about $50 on that orange fly in the ointment…I’m bummed out but realizing I didn’t have to take almost $500 out of my checking account made me feel a little better.


I can help with stuff going on sale and other collector things. I’m pretty good at keeping up with all of that. Other news like interviews and side projects I don’t keep up with at all.


Hey! I’m well. Work is also kicking my ass right now. LOL. Hope things are good for you!