In search of... what's on your wish list?


I also missed the blue All Hallows. I refuse to pay current ebay prices to someone who bought 5 to deprive others to make maximum profit. There’s 500 of em - not a massive amount, but not like it’s 100 or something. I’m gonna wait til people forget about the release and halloween is over. Prices will drop.


I’m pretty sure Andrea85 has one. I remember seeing it in his collection before deadformat shut down.


Yep. Also someone in the UK won a competition Geoff ran where the prize was one of them. Not sure if Andrea bought that copy or acquired it elsewhere.


Thinking about it now, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pic of the hand colored variant


I looked up the Festimad Gig it was a festival in Spain May 2003so the’y played a shorter set but here’s the set list there’s videos on YouTube but they one that was floating around p2p sites was pro shot.Yeah man, I was very lucky I was 13 years old in 2003 had to beg an older cousin to take me but I really miss them opening with Miseria Cantare then going straight into The Lost Souls.Hunters bass lines were so amazing during The Lost Souls considering he was constantly jumping from Adams risers while dodging a spinning Jade and Mic swinging high spinning kicking Davey!Truly was surreal as you know they were super intense as they didn’t play many slower songs live except for GCIST and Morning Star.I can only imagine them in 98,99 as I see from videos they were a band on the brink of breaking out as their underground following was evident in PACKED venues they played on youtube

The Lost Souls
Girl’s Not Grey
Dancing Through Sunday
The Leaving Song Pt. II
Sacrifice Theory
The Days of the Phoenix
Death of Seasons


Now that you say that, I think I’ve seen one or two songs from that show. I remember Davey talking to the crowd in Spanish between songs lol. I’ve never seen the entire show though, I didn’t think it existed aside from a few songs people had recorded.

I was around 13-14 as well during that time, but I grew up in a really small town in the middle of nowhere. The nearest city was three hours away. I still lose my shit whenever I watch shows from like 98-03. The atmosphere they created live is unreal. I can only fathom how intense that shit was in person.


Same. I’m just still happy I have the orange 7" from years ago. I still don’t have the other 10" either… I’m not very worried about it.


Fuck me… lol

I may have to bid on this. I’m fairly certain I have the one where they’re closer to the camera and Davey is leaning in. This particular AOD press photo I’m fairly certain I don’t have.

Here’s my old post:

EDIT: Heads up to others who need any older, rare press photos… this person is selling many of the older ones including the WINGNUT RECORDS ONE… it is very rare. LINK BELOW.

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Yep, I’m double-posting… who needed this? @Snobgrass was it you?

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Not me, I have this one. Thanks for posting though.


Goddamnit, I need to stay out of this thread before I blow another $200.

OH, BUT - I got a new, higher paying job! AND it’s in my career field. Hell yeah! So maybe I’ll finally have some extra money to throw at more old AFI shit. I must thank AFI, by the way, for helping me get it lol. I was nervous beforehand, blasted Black Sails on the way to the office, and fucking killed the interview. Yeah, KILLED it - I was interviewed by five people over three hours, suit and tie style. I fucking had that job when I walked out of the interview. SO yes, thank you, AFI.

Sorry, sorry for hijacking this thread again lol. BUT YES - maybe I can afford more rare shit now…or at least in a couple of weeks, when I get FUCKING PAID.


Yeah, it’s like it’s seasonal… all the sudden there’s rare AFI stuff left and right. With my luck a Dork will pop up soon. I NEED the Dork. I’ve been searching for it for going on 18 years. Been addicted to AFI since '00.


Whispers Third Season

Sorry, I just had to. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Mmm… it’s that time of year, though, makes perfect sense…

I saw a promo poster from '03 that I really want…saw it like a month ago but had $0.00 to spend on anything after I bought the vinyl. I bet it’s long gone now… :cry:


I think I have several of these Wingnut promo flyers. Think they came in a job lot I bought years and years ago. I’ll dig around and see what I can find.


Hey man, be careful with these. They are so easy to duplicate.


There’s no way I would have paid this… it went for $224.50… an INSANE PRICE.

Is there any way to tell if it’s been duplicated or are you saying that because it’s a glossy photo?


I only say that because I came across an old one that was an obvious duplicate. It was over 20 years old and, unless it was never exposed to light in 2 decades, was basically new. No yellowing at all.
I didn’t pay much for it so I didn’t care (and it was a fantastic reprinting, well worth the money), but it does make me suspicious of sellers selling multiples of these prints. Earlier this year, the same seller was selling these exact same press photos and most sold for around $50. The next week, they were selling the same ones again. Week after, same thing (but this time they sold for like $10). How many copies of these AFI press photos does this guy have? And, looking at his selling history of mainly 8x10 press photos from various bands, some red flags should be raised.


Yeah, I guess you’re right… if I wanted to I could copy mine on my copier and then print it out on photo paper.

I guess the only way to prove it would be to find out what kind of paper stock was used for these photos and that’s something that likely only the band would know… or their record label.


I would love to buy one if you have extras,sorry I had to ask I’d love to frame one


I think you could be onto something. How does some random non-AFI fan keep getting more of these? Yes, he probably had 1 from his work or something, but to keep pulling them out of the woodwork is a bit suspicious. If he were an AFI horder I’d maybe understand why he has them, but he seems to just be selling these promo prints for all sorts.