Instagram question


I started using Instagram earlier this year and I’m still trying to figure out why sometimes I can tag someone (AFI, AFINEWSHQ, a band member, etc.) and sometimes the tags will not save or they disappear later. Do you know why?
Some of my photos still have the tags, so sometimes it works…


I can’t really answer your question because I’m also new to Instagram. However, the tags I use are usually saved within my phone keyboard. Hopefully that helps?


Yes, my phone lets me put tags on the photos but after clicking “save” then Instagram doesn’t save the tags on every photo.


@_tonibell may be a better answer… I hope. :slight_smile:


Hey, @Ophelia, that shouldn’t happen. It might be a glitch with your app. Try deleting the app and reinstalling. If the issue persists, I would contact Insta. I usually tag and also do the @______ (fill in blank with name) in the caption. And then, if I want to totally be extra about it, I hashtag the individual/organization/concept. Hope that helps! Let me know if you need any help. And feel free to find me on Insta. _tonibell :slight_smile:


Thanks @_tonibell, uninstalling and reinstalling seems to have worked!


Yay! Had it helped! :slight_smile: I have to do that a lot for Spotify.


Instagram is still iffy about saving my tags, even with deleting and re-downloading.


Really? I would contact them, then. :frowning: it shouldn’t do that.