Is it too late?


Is it too late to try fan forums? It’s not a question I like asking because (honestly, I’d love to be able to host AFI’s official forums) it still pains me how long I’ve been away. After doing some research it seems that the old AFI forums are not returning. although, I did hear that they were “being worked on”. If this was true, I’d like to think that they would be live by now or even better, back up when The Blood Album was released.

The benefit of these forums being “fan forums” and not run by someone officially with AFI is that we’re all on the same page. We’re all looking to get as close to AFI as possible. We all have collections that we’ve been building or starting, things to share, etc. When I spoke to Adam about the forums (in general) he really didn’t know any details about the official forums, but he did help fuel my fire behind creating these forums. Like I said with the official forums, I did my research on them before I hit the “START” button on

Believe it or not, it makes my day when I see other users replying to topics I’ve been creating… it’s like little-by-little, it’s working.

I love AFI… I can’t really express that enough. You could ask any one of my old friends… they used to call me “AFI boy” or “Davey”, since he’s been my role model since '00.

Anyway, your feedback is much appreciated on this. And thank you for being part of WeAreAFI.

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I never really got a chance to participate in the old forums in any meaningful way, so I really like having this board around. Even if I don’t post a lot I like reading what everyone else has to say. I’m happy to have the chance to talk with other fans about AFI, especially since I don’t know any other fans in real life.


Hi! I’m new here, and I’d like to say that even though I haven’t been a part of a forum in awhile, it’s nice having another place to talk to AFI fans. Living on the east coast, it seems rarer to run across people who still follow the band, so I appreciate this outlet.


It’s probably obvious, but I do love these forums. I never get to talk about AFI with anyone other than as an aside, so it’s nice to connect to people and talk about something that we all have a love and appreciation for. Thanks for creating these. <3


After creating these forums and doing it very carefully, I have to say (again) that unless the old forums used Tapatalk (an app that allowed for easier mobile browsing/posting), these forums are the best option for current-day forums. I thought long and hard about how I’d create them, but I also didn’t want to wait too long before creating them.

However, the idea was that if you’re at an AFI show, standing in line, you can browse via smart phone just as easy, if not easier, than browsing from your desktop.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Welcome! I’m from York, PA and I can attest to the interest levels. I know there are fans around, but having a central meeting place it awesome. Yes, there is a subreddit for AFI fans, but it’s not as organized (same with Discord) as forums are; you have forums, categories, etc. to make it easier to look back on archived posts, etc.

Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you! I very much appreciate your support, both directly on here as well as Instagram and RTs on twitter. You’ve been my main online support and I very much appreciate it! Now, I feel even better about pointing out that DOTP ep to you. :slight_smile:


Eh, it’s not that hard to do a retweet or like. :slight_smile: Again, thanks for these.


I definitely love the forums. I don’t get on much, but it’s because I do have to be an adult even when I hate it/ I get swamped pretty regularly in work/being mom…being mom…to myself practically…SHE IS LITERALLY A MINI ME OH GOD NO.

Anyways, but I may not post, but I do often get online and read things. Most the time it’s between calls, but I don’t want anyone to think I’ve just abandoned this!!!


I look forward to participating as I can! I like the opportunity to connect with other fans and work on fan projects–like the fan response to the songs project!


Every response like this makes me happy, just because I started these from nothing and had no clue if they were warranted.