It may be the end


This might be the end. I tried, we all did and I thank you all for that.<3

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No! This can’t be the end. Please no.

Oh no, why is it the end?

The end of what? :pensive: and why?

The funds through Patreon have dwindled slightly, plus activity on here… just doesn’t feel too sustainable anymore. I hate to say it!

Wow, that’s a bummer

so sad but understandable :pensive::broken_heart:

I hope not! I know I’ve not posted here for a while (I have a lot of shit to work through right now), but I’d hate for this community to fall apart! :cry: :broken_heart:

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So would I. I don’t want to lose this place.

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I haven’t canceled anything yet. I just wanted to give some communication.

Social media is king… we all know this. To my knowledge the Fall Children page on FB is the primary location for all discussion.

That’s a real shame, but yeah - understandable. :frowning:

It’s been nice having a place to check into now and then to see what AFI fans are up to.

Is there something we can do?

I don’t have a facebook :confused:

Just wondering, would maybe moving over and joining Discord be a better format? Keep enough of the website going so that the posts are still available, but …the web form format might be a bit…outdated?

I know I joined an AFI subreddit discord channel, maybe doing something to merge those together?

Just trying to think outside the box of how to keep an active spot for the fandom…

It’s just not sustainable nor do many really care about this forum. Sure - we do, but there will be large amounts of time where there’s nothing.

I upgraded our model to a $40/per month and Patreon’s have fallen off. I’m not blaming anyone - it’s just the way of the world. Facebook is king. AFI will likely never know or care about this forum either.

I plan to download the backup file for the forum in the event that this forum would reopen, but I see it closing now.

If anyone has any ideas, by all means. Gotta roll with the times…

That’s such a shame :heart: thank you for all the effort you’ve put into it! Do you know when it’s likely to close?

I wish i had some suggestions but i don’t even use social media any more so i have no clue where to start :disappointed:

I understand, though of course am disappointed, too. If you downgrade, does that bring it more in line with the Patreon total?

I’m really sad to see this go. I personally don’t have any social media accounts anymore. I will really miss being able to hop into a non-toxic, dedicated fan page. If this is the end, thanks for your hard work over the years :purple_heart:


I’ll miss everyone here. If anyone wants to connect on other social media, DM me and I’ll gladly add you.


Thanks to @MichaelStewart for picking up the torch… is open for the foreseeable future!

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