It's time for another cover...this time it's "...But Home Is Nowhere"!

Some of you may have recognized that I’m slowly trying to cover as many AFI songs as possible on my YouTube channel. This week, I’ve hit one of my favorite STS tracks, “But Home Is Nowhere”.

I personally find this track defines AFI. When I think of the band, this track is what always comes to mind. A great “ending” to the album IMO.

Feedback is always appreciated. I’m always down for suggestions on new tracks. I have 2 or 3 previous requests currently in the works. What do you guys wanna hear?


Yes! I’ve really missed your covers the last couple of weeks.

Aww thanks man, I was finishing up my final thesis. Finally graduated.

I don’t know if you saw, but I’ve linked to my site which now has all the tabs and GP files in case you ever still want them <3

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That’s amazing! And congrats on getting your final thesis done and graduating! Way to go!

Thanks!! You’re too kind :slight_smile: