Jade and Hunter talk gear with Premiere Guitar


Didn’t know if everyone saw this on the News HQ today. Thought I would repost here before I head out for the evening. Enjoy!



In this amazing 26 minute video, you get an up-close-and-personal-look into Jade and Hunter’s setup for their on stage and studio performances. They discuss their preferences, styles and much more. Jade’s rig rundown is first, followed by Hunter’s starting at about 18:55 minute marker. Enjoy!

Video source: https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/26051-rig-rundown-afi

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This is well worth watching. I enjoy the interviews that get into more technical aspects of AFI’s work. And it’s always great to hear others in the band speak at length about their craft besides just Davey.


Agreed 100%. Thanks for posting this @_tonibell ! I hope you don’t mind my editing. :slight_smile:


No worries! I didn’t have time to make it pretty. I had to head back out fast, but I noticed no one had mentioned them today. This really is a great interview. It was cool to hear about their creative process and set ups.


As a guitar player, watching Jade smile as he talks about his guitars and work, and how he goes about doing everything he does is super cool and one of my favorite things.


You can tell that he takes a great deal of pride in his work. The other article I posted is also fantastic. He talks about his creative process in there as well. It’s great to see someone who genuinely loves his craft and is willing to push himself and try new things.


Been waiting a long time for this kind of interview. Never knew Jade used a Kaoss Pad for his guitar. I know in the past he used a Line 6 Filter Modeler (FM4 in a rack unit) for that bit in Girl’s Not Grey. Maybe it was an Adrenalinn in the studio. But a Kaoss pad? Would never have guessed.
I still want to know exactly how he sculpted “This Time Imperfect”. Probably something he made on his computer. There’s so much going on with the textures he invents - definitely one of his biggest strengths and I’d like more insight into that side of his work.


I’m working on that one next. I also see there’s some Davey items now too… gotta get to them here soon too.


I didn’r see the Davey ones yet. I’m still at the gym and then have to head to the office.


It’s up: