Jade DGO Interview: Longevity, Creativity and lots of Brutal Honesty

And AFI News HQ also posted this. Again, didn’t know if everyone got a chance to catch this.

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Jade speaks with DGO magazine about the entire catalog. Everything from stage performance to the next XSTRMST album (not coming anytime real soon). It’s a very nice, lengthy interview that walks you a few steps closer to the lives of AFI, especially Jade.

Jade even touches on “The Wind That Carries Me Away” from the Blood Album.

The creation process was similar to how it’s been since “Black Sails in the Sunset,” which is Dave and I just sitting down and writing an album face-to-face together in a little room somewhere. It’s nice that that hasn’t changed and it’s been the same no matter where we’ve gone as a band.

The production side was a little newer. I do a lot of the production before we hire a producer and I will give them the songs in a completed form, but usually we hand (an album) over to someone to do their thing to it. This time I decided, “You know, I do so much to the songs already, why have someone… continue reading.

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‘I could sit there for an hour auditioning hi-hat samples to find the right one for a Blaqk Audio song or something.’

I think this part of the interview is why we don’t know when the new Blaqk Audio album will be released yet…lol


Yes, the utter scrutiny that is involved, I’m sure.