Japanese Magazine reviews DREAMCAR... *updated w/ translation*

See bottom of post for update on translation

Thanks to twitter user, TomoLovesND, for posting the image below of part of a Japanese Magazine. From the looks of it… is a possible review of the band? Now, so far DREAMCAR has not toured oversees yet. However, they have had no problem selling out shows, especially on the West Coast. I know the attention to them may not be as great on the East Coast… yet, but soon! I know because I attended their DC show several weeks back.

Regardless, to anyone who can shed some light on what this article says would be fantastic. Is anyone able to translate this from Japanese?

TomoLovesND’s attempt at translating the article (thanks Tomo!):

"(No Doubt) ND and AFI miracle band. Just like 80’s sound.catchy melody line,good beat.with high quality music guarantee.if you like 80’s music,And,melodic punk.You will excite and sing along and dancing!! “Don’t be late!! Get on this DREAMCAR!!”