Linas Garsys selling AFI artists proofs tomorrow


Want to own one of these? (if you don’t already?) Linas Garsys, who has been doing the art for AFI for many years is going to be selling some of his artists proofs tomorrow. They WILL GO FAST so if you want one, you should probably hover over his site… like all day. Some of the proofs you can expect to find are pictured below. Whether or not all pictures proofs below will be for sale is unknown. Good luck!

Here’s the link:

Tomorrow I'm going to be putting up some of my artists proofs for sale on my big cartel site. Link in bio #afi #nothing #americannightmare #souvenirsca

A post shared by Linas Garsys (@lgarsys) on Aug 3, 2017 at 8:49am PDT


This is the artist that did the initial Blood Tour launch with the 3 monsters around the logo, right? I fell in love with that thing and was thinking of using it as inspiration for a tattoo.


I can’t say for sure on that one. @_tonibell you know?


Yep! He did that art. In fact, if you look back through his Insta, you’ll see it. But that’s him. It’s his style, too. :slight_smile:


And you (@STORMS) dammit, I’m just going to start blaming you for my lack of funds. Sound good? LOL. This is great, though!


LOL! No lie, right? Haha :slight_smile:


It’s fine. One day, someone will have quite the vinyl/AFI merch collection to inherit.


Neat. I don’t know why, but that piece just speaks to me.


I’m hoping to have a good bit framed and down a hallway or a wall dedicated to these pieces. :slight_smile:


I am not home enough to enjoy that. sigh at some point I will actually settle in and frame everything.


Yes, use your connections. :wink:

I think I may finally hang my set list tonight.


Haha, I shall. The amount of business I give that man is criminal. And yay for hanging up the setlist. Mine is currently in an archival/acid free folder waiting for better days when it can be hung up.


He’s not selling that one! :frowning:


Yeah, I saw this morning… :pensive: That’s probs fine since I find the price per size a bit disagreeable. Oooh well


I love his work, but not enough to pay that right now. Oh well.


I was glad they sold out by the time I remembered… tbh. I’ve spent a lot on AFI stuff again here recently. I need a break, lol.


Yeah, I was proud of myself for not giving in for the boy print. LOL. But I don’t need it, and I wasn’t in love.


Confused by the sold out. Are there more that are no longer available? Because I just bought the 2 I loved off the site.


They all say sold out… :frowning:


What the heck?? I swear I just bought them last night. I have the order confirmation in my e-mail. I hope I get them and it wasn’t a site error or anything. :frowning: