Logging in, updating details... replacement card?


ADMIN EDIT: Try this link for updating your information and possibly for joining (without the option for a package; this is strictly a link to submit email, phone, etc

Hi all,

So I’ve been kind of away from online AFI communities for a few years now and I recently realised my DF info is probably very out of date and that I have had no DF emails for two years (I’m quick, I know). There is no login page and I have no idea how or whom to get in touch with to check or update my details. I contacted whoever was handling the DF when it was under GroundCtrl and was told I would be able to view and update things at some point, but life happened to me and I can’t even remember if I ever checked back in. Now… I have no idea what to do. The link from the “Please update your details” email from 2016 which I just saw (…yeah. I was using an old account) has probably expired - it takes me to the FanBridge form, which doesn’t seem to have a unique URL specific to any account - filled it in just in case, as it’s the last DF email in my inbox. Are we all in the same boat right now, or is there somewhere I’ve forgotten to look/check? Or is the DF just… gone?

Also, I’ve realised I might have lost my card in an international move. I suppose there is no hope of a replacement, either…

(Hopefully this post isn’t a duplicate of something already asked on here. This is my first post, so… hi! :sparkling_heart:)


Fanbridge is who is running it now, so that might update your details. The other way to do it might be to contact AFInewsHQ, but I imagine they are probably going to tell you to wait until the next open enrollment for the DF to fill out the form and update your details.

I think you are probably out of luck on getting a replacement card, maybe you could find one on e-bay? The only way i’ve Seen to get a DF card is to buy the DF merch bundles that come up occasionally


@lipstickandlightplay welcome back!

Like @sayasha spoke to, there’s @AFINewsHQ via Twitter that you could try but they may just tell you to wait until next enrollment. The last enrollment happened near the end of 2017 with the Blood Package.

You can find more details here in a thread I’ve made and dedicated to the DF from the beginning till now:


I had issues a few months back where I hadn’t received a couple of emails. Somehow I got struck off the mailing list. I resolved it by replying directly to the last email I had received, explained the problem and I was put back on the mailing list. Seems to have done the job.


Thank you all so much for your help! I’ll try tweeting/emailing and in the meantime will wait for the next enrollment.

I suspect my card must be somewhere but it’s been so many years, I can’t be sure. AFI never did much DF stuff in the countries where I lived, so I haven’t needed it.

It’s lovely to be back in AFI-related corners of the web - I’ve never stopped listening to them or loving them, but due to life circumstances I just stopped being active online the way I was before. I look forward to interacting with other fans again :blush:


@lipstickandlightplay just an FYI, I came across this link… perhaps this will help. I’ll also update the first post.


Yeah, that’s the FanBridge form I was talking about :sweat_smile: Seems to just be the mailing list, though. Which of course is something!


I used the address at the bottom of that email from the mailing list stating that we could now update our info and that membership was open (last month) and got a very nice and helpful response regarding my queries. Whoever is looking after the DF right now clearly recognises the importance of the fans’ experiences, which means a lot to me because with all the changes and confusion lately, I was worried we’d been left to our own devices. Very happy right now! And tempted to give this band all my money, which I can’t afford to do, but would like to anyway…


Super happy to hear they were responsive and helped you fix the issue!

I also always want to give them all my money, i’m Sure they appreciate the sentiment!